ACSP Suggestion 2009.9: Standardize ASN language in NRPM


Author: Heather Schiller   
Submitted On: 26 April 2009

Description: Section 5.1 of the NRPM refers to ASN’s as 16-bit or 32-bit. Section 10.3 of the NRPM refers to ASN’s as 2-byte or 4-byte. It would be helpful, if one standard way of referring to them were chosen. This would unify the text and would allow for easier searching. This change is grammatical in nature and does not change the underlying policy.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 03 December 2009

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

3 December 2009

When this suggestion arrived at ARIN there were two proposals about ASNs. The global proposal (ARIN 2009-6) is moving forward and we anticipate it will be adopted. Implementation of the new policy will remove the term “byte” from the NRPM in favor of the term “bit”.

The second proposal had to do with Section 5.1, and it was abandoned. However, Section 5.1 will be removed with the first publication of the NRPM after 1 January 2010 in accordance with the expiration built into the policy itself. Section 5.1, Expiration, “Section 5.1 will be removed from the first version of this manual published after 1 January 2010.”

The net effect, independent of whether 2009-6 is ultimately adopted, is that the NRPM will trim down to a single term; therefore, Suggestion 2009.9 is closed.

ARIN Comment

6 May 2009

As this seems to be strictly an editorial change, ARIN staff will add the byte equivalents in parenthesis to NRPM Section 5.1 in a future version of the policy manual and note it in the change log.

ACSP suggestion 2009.9 will remain in an open status until implemented.