ACSP Suggestion 2009.17: Web API for SWIP-based Submissions


Author: James Martin   
Submitted On: 28 September 2009

Description: I am responding to the email sent out today about the 2.1 version of the website. In it you mention that you will want to remove email template support once the functionality is available on your web site. I also checked your road map and I see no item for a web service (API) to manage these submissions in an automated way. I would believe you would have serious lack of using the SWIP database if people had to fill those out manually on the web portal. So my recommendation is to please add support for some web API to allow for SWIP based submissions (allocations and assignments) at least 6 months before you shut down the email templates. Thank you.

Timeframe: Six-months

Status: Closed   Updated: 16 October 2009

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ARIN Comment

16 October 2009

Thank you for your response. The announcement was unfortunately not as clear as it should have been. We have two classes of templates that users send to us:

  1. Nonautomated templates like Point of Contact Templates
  2. Heavily automated templates such as SWIP

The announcement really was intended for the non-automated types where there is little to no automation. As for the SWIP templates, we had an initial discussion about what would be a better solution at ARIN XXIII and will further solicit for requirements and feedback such as yours below at ARIN XXIV and in the future. As you have noted, time lines are very important as we do realize that you have to have time to build and test new interfaces as well. We will use your feedback to help form those requirements for a SWIP replacement.

Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process. Suggestion 2009.17 is now closed.