ACSP Suggestion 2009.15: Speed Up Timeline for Online POC Validation


Author: Marla Azinger   
Submitted On: 11 August 2009

Description: I suggest that ARIN bump up on their time line the integration of POC validation into the new Database. With the efforts of cleaning up records and the desire for accuracy it would make it much easier on everyone if the small software write was done now as opposed to later. Specifically add in the ability for members to validate their POC info directly on the database and take out the time consuming step of templates and email. I was recently advised by ARIN staff that it might help to bump this project up toward the top if I were to use the suggestion process and request the completion time for this to be done now opposed to months or years from now. Thank you.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 13 July 2010

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

13 July 2010

ARIN successfully implemented policy 3.6 on Monday, 7 June 2010. Since that time, ARIN has been sending notifications to over 1,000 POCs per day. Response to this effort has been positive; over 33% of the POCs contacted to date have validated their information as correct.

Suggestion 2009.15 is now considered closed. Thank you for participating in the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process.

ARIN Comment

25 August 2009

Regarding your suggestion for “bumping up the integration of POC validation” in ARIN’s web service timeline, as you may be aware, ARIN has taken efforts to improve WHOIS accuracy with the recent completion of ‘WHOIS Spring Cleaning’. We recognize this effort as ongoing and essential to the services and data that ARIN provides. We are presently determining clear requirements and a delivery plan for the features that you requested and will provide those when they are available, which should be soon. Suggestion 2009.15 will remain open until an implementation plan is provided.