ACSP Suggestion 2009.11: Meeting Microphones


Author: Robert Seastrom   
Submitted On: 29 April 2009

Description: The NANOG Steering Committee has recently had a discussion about the merits of paying the hotel extra for daily swap-out of batteries in the wireless microphones on the floor rather than waiting for them to run out. ARIN should do likewise, for reasons that should be apparent to anyone who was ARIN XXIII on Wednesday. It may be necessary to swap them out twice a day depending on the model of microphone.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 05 May 2009

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ARIN Comment

5 May 2009

Thank you for suggesting that ARIN instruct the AV company used for our meetings to take a proactive stance in swapping out microphone batteries throughout the day. We understand the disruption caused during the San Antonio meeting was not ideal for those in the room, the webcast, or those participating remotely. Yours is a good idea that ARIN will put in practice, in addition to looking for ways to continually enhance the audio support of our meetings.