ACSP Suggestion 2009.10: Expanding Remote Participation Methods


Author: Scott Leibrand   
Submitted On: 28 April 2009

Description: It would be helpful if we had (for the next meeting) the ability for remote participants to dial into a conference bridge and be able to speak directly to the room in real time, rather than have their questions and comments read by someone else with a time lag.

Timeframe: Six-months

Status: Closed   Updated: 23 June 2009

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

23 June 2009

At this time we are not going to move forward with a conference bridge or Skype alternative which would allow remote participants to speak their comments directly to the audience in place at the meeting. We feel there are lots of logistical issues we are not ready to address in order to effectively add that option into the mix at this time.

We are definitely interested in growing the numbers of remote participants and improving the quality of their input. For now we are going to continue to work on improving the chat rooms in order to eliminate confusion and improve the ability and timing of “voting” through that mechanism.

While suggestion 2009.10 is now closed, we will keep it on a list of things to consider during subsequent discussions.

ARIN Comment

14 May 2009

Your suggestion to setup a conference bridge for remote participants to speak directly to the room is an interesting one. As we continue to explore ways to enhance and encourage remote participation, staff would like to explore this feature. There are many items that need to be discussed, including impact on audio for webcast and live transcription, staff support, and the mechanics of incorporating comments into the discussion flow. We anticipate researching and discussing this feature over the next several months. By the time meeting registration opens in August we should have a more definitive response.

ACSP suggestion 2009.10 will remain in an open status while staff researches and discusses this feature.