ACSP Suggestion 2008.9: Update Webcast Technology


Author: Matt Peterson   
Submitted On: 15 February 2008

Description: ARIN shell update its webcast technologies to modern best practices, suggested upgrades include: Capturing content in HD w/ 3 chip cameras (to support the lighting conditions typical in conference rooms), making session recordings available in open standards and/or a variety of codecs (ie: H.264, WMV, DivX, etc) and facilitating consistent audio levels (by means of a “compressor/limiter/gate” hardware or software device). It is my understanding the current webcasts are outsourced to Merit, which already has some A/V technology and trained staff. Unfortunately Merit budgeting is limited and thus upgrades to their kit have been glacial at best. The other RIR’s & related NOG meetings abroad showcase the usefulness of modern streaming consistently.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Completed   Updated: 03 March 2008

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ARIN Comment

3 March 2008

With regards to this suggestion for ARIN to update webcast technologies, as mentioned, this service is outsourced to Merit, ARIN does not own any webcast equipment itself. An investment such as this would require not only the equipment purchase but also the resources to support it. While we recognize this may be an area of future improvement, ARIN is not in a position to undertake that effort at this time.

Suggestion 2008.9 is now considered closed.