ACSP Suggestion 2008.5: Testbed for Checking ARIN Template Syntax


Author: Heather Schiller   
Submitted On: 04 February 2008


ARIN should deploy a testbed for checking the syntax in ARIN templates. This would allow users to test the template before submitting it. It would allow new users to practice in a non-production environement. It would allow organizations who automate template generation to test changes, before putting them into production.

RIPE has a tool that could be used as an example:

Timeframe: Six-Months

Status: Closed   Updated: 17 December 2008

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ARIN Comment

17 December 2008

ARIN is continually evaluating ways to better serve our community. Your suggestion of allowing users an Operational Test Environment is valuable input and a project that ARIN engineering will complete in the future. We do have some questions that we would like to ask the community in terms of scope. In addition to your suggestion, ARIN would like to receive input as to whether the project should also include a system that reflects changes in a test WHOIS environment. This test data would be purged several hours later. Following input from the community and a better understanding of the scope, we will inform you when this work can be completed. The community consultation on this topic will occur later in the year.