ACSP Suggestion 2008.23: Simple version of ARIN-IPv6-REASSIGN-4.2.


Author: Aaron Hughes   
Submitted On: 26 November 2008

Description: I have started assigning /64s to customers and infrastructure. When I send automated SWIP info (I wrote a tool) I have no way to fuzzy logic match the ORGID of existing ORGs. I can only select company name, address, etc. (contact info). The simple IPv4 form allows for an automated way to do this, but v6 makes work for the ARIN staff. This slows down the reassigns and makes this a non-automated process. I would like to assign all of my customers v6 space and start a campaign to get them all dual stacked, but really don’t want to create a ton of work for ARIN. Please help.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 21 March 2011

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ARIN Comment

11 December 2008

Thank you for submitting this suggestion to create a new simple version of the ARIN-IPv6-REASSIGN-4.2 template. This is a good idea as it would create consistency with the current versions of the ARIN IPv4 Reassign templates, and simplify the IPv6 reassign process for ARIN customers and for ARIN staff.

We are now in the process of analyzing the amount of time it would take to develop the software to support this new template. Once we have a better idea of the effort involved, we will notify you whether it is feasible for ARIN to pursue at this time.

ARIN Comment

21 March 2011

With the recent deployment on 19 March, 2011, we released IPv6 Simple Reassignment functionality that is now available via ARIN’s RESTful provisioning system. You can find the functionality defined in ARIN’s provisioning API specifications at