ACSP Suggestion 2007.7: Run a Lit-Address Service


Author: Michael Dillon   
Submitted On: 21 March 2007


Run a lit-address service that is good enough that ISPs can, during their provisioning and decomissioning processes, report when they light up an address range for a customer. Then, people can build finer grained filters that block traffic from unused address ranges within an ISP’s allocation. Don’t accept the argument that SOME hardware can’t do this filtering because hardware continues to improve.

This is essentially a kind of whitelist, but since ARIN is the ultimate authority for all blocks allocated to it by IANA, it seems to me that this info should be readily available.

Timeframe: 6 months

Status: Completed   Updated: 08 May 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

8 May 2007

Your request for ARIN to provide a white list type service would, as we interpret it, imply some level of routability. You may not be aware, but ARIN does not guarantee routability of number resources.

The service you are proposing would rely on operational data not available to ARIN on any real time basis. Although ARIN does receive a significant amount of data from the community regarding reassignments and reallocations, this information is typically not updated until an organization returns to ARIN for additional number resources. Thus there is an inconsistent level accuracy of this type of data.

Lastly, this request is outside the current scope of ARIN’s mission and supporting services.

Suggestion 2007.7 is now closed.