ACSP Suggestion 2007.5: Press Releases on ARIN Stats


Author: Michael Dillon   
Submitted On: 19 March 2007


In view of the fact that planning for the IPv4 exhaustion point is of importance to a much wider audience than the normal ARIN audience, I suggest that ARIN begin issuing twice-yearly press releases to the North American technology press. This should include publications targeted at a technical audience (Information Week et al.), publications directed at a management audience (CIO magazine et al.) and the blogosphere perhaps via PRWeb. The subject of the press releases should be ARIN’s statistics, not just the IPv6 uptake, but also any other stats available including the stuff by Tony Hain and Geoff Huston that ends up being presented at ARIN and other RIR conferences.

To supplement this, ARIN probably needs to be prepared to answer queries by journalists and deal with requests for press passes to ARIN meetings.

Timeframe: 30 days

Status: Completed   Updated: 19 April 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

19 April 2007

We are investigating several options to more widely broadcast ARIN statistics.

Regarding the media, ARIN currently reaches out to local press in advance of each meeting and extends them an invitation to attend.

To help us as we continue to expand our media relations efforts, please feel free to send us contact information for any technical journalists you think appropriate for us to cultivate. Please forward such information to

Suggestion 2007.5 is now closed.