ACSP Suggestion 2007.32: Streamline the IRPEP


Author: Samuel Weiler   
Submitted On: 24 October 2007


In order to make the IRPEP more responsive and efficient and to make the PPML a more dominant force in the IRPEP, give the AC discretion to act on policies without requiring discussion at a public policy meeting. In particular, I’m asking that the AC be allowed to 1) approve policies and 2) reject policies previously accepted as a formal proposal without the specific requirement of discussion at a physical meeting.

As an alternative, at least allow the AC to act on significantly modified proposals without taking them to a physical meeting (noting that the current IRPEP implies a ~6 month cycle time for most revisions, since they’re required to go through a physical meeting each time).

In each case, I’m only asking that the AC be given the DISCRETION to act without a meeting, not that they be required to do so.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Closed   Updated: 21 April 2008

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ARIN Comment

02 November 2007

Two scenarios were suggested where the ARIN Advisory Council should have discretionary power to move policies along without requiring discussion at a Public Policy meeting. While IRPEP does allow the AC some discretionary action, it is not clearly stated in the document. As mentioned during ARIN XX in Albuquerque, the ARIN Board of Trustees is undertaking a thorough review of IRPEP. Your suggestions will be added to the list of review points. The Board will report to the community when it has completed its work.

Look for this report no later than the next ARIN Public Policy meeting.