ACSP Suggestion 2007.28: More Quickly Nofity POCs about Lame Reverse DNS Delegations


Author: Samuel Weiler   
Submitted On: 13 September 2007


More quickly nofity POCs about lame reverse DNS delegations.

Having discovered a lame delegation (through testing or reporting), there is no need to wait thirty days to notify the holder of the address blocks, nor wait another thirty days before escalating to other means of communication. I propose that ARIN wait only 2-5 days before sending the first email (allowing enough time for temporary problems to be resolved) and remove the lame delegation approximately 30 days after it’s first detected. In the meantime, email reminders should be sent at least weekly. If ARIN wishes to attempt some alternative means of communication, that could be attempted several days after the first email, in parallel with further email reminders.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Completed   Updated: 26 September 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

26 September 2007

The time lines prescribed in this procedure were carefully thought out, based on prior experience, to allow sufficient time in each step of the process. The logic is to provide adequate time for the lameness prober to identify delegations that are truly lame. This requires sampling over a period of time. The current time line allows adequate time for sampling, notification, and appropriate due diligence.

Suggestion 2007.28 is now closed.