ACSP Suggestion 2007.18: Record Meetings and Provide in MP4 File Format


Author: Shawn Butts   
Submitted On: 09 May 2007


I’d like to suggest that future meetings be record and release to the public. This would allow interested parties to view the meets at a later time. This would also allow viewing of the meet afterwards if there are connectivity issues.

I’d also like to see a MP4 file format.

Timeframe: Sometime in the future

Status: Completed   Updated: 01 June 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

1 June 2007

Past ARIN meeting video recording archives are available from Click on any of the meetings and then on either the public policy or members meeting links to access the real media files.

ARIN will investigate the feasibility of offering MP4 file format and proceed in the future if there is adequate demand and it is economically feasible for us to do so.