ACSP Suggestion 2007.12: Mtgs. - v6 Workshop & Run v6 Network


Author: Michael Dillon   
Submitted On: 22 March 2007

Description: Since ARIN regularly holds joint meetings with NANOG, at the next such meeting, set up a hands-on IPv6 workshop with a functioning network where people can get experience configuring routers/servers etc. And also get some experience troubleshooting IPv6 connectivity issues. Make the IPv6 network fully Internet functional so that people can hook up their laptops and use the network. This may involve support from Microsoft in making Teredo available as well as running a NAT-PT gateway. At the same time, ARIN staff can gain additional experience with IPv6. The idea is that ARIN organizes and runs the network with support from other organizations which have IPv6 expertise.

Timeframe: Seven-Months

Status: Completed   Updated: 19 April 2007

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ARIN Comment

19 April 2007

For the past three meetings, ARIN has held a hands-on v6 workshop, led by Jordi Palet Martinez, with a functioning network where you could configure routers/servers and troubleshoot IPv6 connectivity issues. He will also be leading the “Practical Guide to IPv6” workshop at our next meeting in San Juan, PR.

In April 2005, our meeting was held jointly with NAv6TF. Since that meeting, ARIN has had an operational v6 network at all of its Public Policy Meetings.

ARIN has also been offering services (DNS, FTP, HTTP and WHOIS via port 80) since May 2004 over IPv6. The ARIN staff has supported these services and continues to gain valuable experience.

Suggestion 2007.12 is now closed.