ACSP Suggestion 2006.8: Use the bulk WHOIS copy for LIS Discovery purpose


Author: Eric Bussières   
Submitted On: 06 December 2006


Let me briefly explain the context on what we are working on. We wish to use the bulk WHOIS copy for LIS Discovery purpose in the context of nomadic 9-1-1 Voice over IP. A successful request was already done to have access to the bulk copy. We wish to have a LIS URI associated to each Canadian Network record. It will be possible to know which LIS to contact according to the caller’s IP address. We don’t want to use the comment field since this information will be used for emergency calls. Please refer to the thread ARIN-20060612.551 for more information.

We want to know if adding a new field (LIS URI in network records) in ARIN database is feasible. Also, if our suggestion is accepted, how much time will be possibly required to implement that?

Note that we don’t want at this stage that our suggestion be implemented. We first are looking on the feasibility of our request.

Timeframe: Immediate

Status: Completed   Updated: 11 January 2007

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ARIN Comment

11 January 2007

Author referred to the Internet Resource Policy Development Process (IRPEP).

Suggestion 2006.8 is now closed.