ACSP Suggestion 2006.3: NRPM Modifications


Author: Samuel Weiler   
Submitted On: 03 October 2006


I’d like to see ARIN go through the (wonderful) NRPM and 1) add more cross-references to the policies as adopted, much as a code of regulations may refer back to the enacting legislation and 2) add complete forward citations from the policy archive into the NRPM. Will the staff do that?

For example:

Section cites the Residential Customer Privacy by number (2003-3), but the corresponding section about v4,, doesn’t mention the policy number. Similarly, section 3.2 makes reference to this policy without citing it by number and perhaps making some errors in transcription (per the other thread).

In the policy archive, 2003-3 mentions as the section where the adopted policy was recorded, but does not mention the other two sections.

(This suggestion was initially made on the PPML on 27 October 2005 in a thread entitled: Matching NRPM sections to policies.)

Timeframe: two-months

Status: Completed   Updated: 09 January 2007

Tracking Information

ARIN Comment

9 January 2007

  • Provided public documentation of where the old policy text was placed in the Number Resource Policy Manual (NRPM)
  • Linked from the policy proposal archives to NRPM
  • Announcement sent for the implementation of policy 2006-2 containing the updated NRPM on the website and a revised format for the NRPM change log.
  • On the last line of the change log there is a link to the old policy set that existed prior to NRPM.
  • From that page, in the introductory paragraph, there is now a link to the actual mapping document used to create NRPM.
  • Cross-references: added the NRPM section number in the policy archive page for each proposal that became policy.
  • Regarding the NRPM reference to (2003-3), this reference should have been deleted when the policy text was moved into NRPM. This has been updated.

Suggestion 2006.3 is now closed.