ACSP Consultation 2014.2: The Future Use of the ARIN Discuss Mailing List

Consultation Tracking Information

  • Requested By: Staff
  • Status: Closed
  • Comments Opened: Linked to Discussion Archives: 03 April 2014
  • Comments Closed: 25 April 2014
  • Suggestion Number: n/a

Consultation Description

ARIN is soliciting community input on the idea of opening the current members-only ARIN Discuss mailing list, , to the general public.

Since its inception arin-discuss has been restricted to ARIN members, and it currently has approximately 2,450 subscribers. The list was created to provide a forum to discuss ARIN-specific operations, services, and fees so that the Public Policy Mailing List,, could focus on community input into the Internet number resource policy development.

ARIN is seeking a place to engage our community in dialogue on important topics such as Internet governance, particular in light of the recent announcement regarding transition of NTIA’s IANA stewardship role.

Additionally, ARIN recognizes that its services and practices affect those in the community who are not members. Opening the arin-discuss list would enable greater community input on these issues, and reduce non-policy related discussion on arin-ppml.

Does the community support the use of arin-discuss for both global Internet governance matters and ARIN governance and non-policy discussions? Please provide us your opinion about opening the ARIN Discuss mailing list.

Do you support this action, or not, and why?

Please provide comments to You can subscribe to this mailing list at:

This consultation will remain open through 5 PM EDT Friday 25 April.

ARIN Actions

After considering the input received during the recent community consultation on the subscription eligibility and appropriate topics to raise on the ARIN Discuss mailing list, we have decided not to make any changes to the list at this time.

The ARIN-Discuss mailing list will remain open to employees of ARIN member organizations, ARIN Board of Trustees, and ARIN Advisory Council members. RIR Staff members may observe but not actively participate in discussions. It will continue to be used as forum for the ARIN member community to discuss ARIN-specific issues such as fee structures and internal policies.

Further study will be given to two questions raised during the consultation:

  1. Should membership (and therefore the list) be open to any interested organization that pays fees to ARIN?
  2. What is the appropriate forum to engage the Internet community in the ARIN region on the topic of Internet governance?

ARIN will engage with the community on these questions at a later date.