ACSP Consultation 2009.5: Changes to ARIN RSS Feed

Consultation Tracking Information

  • Requested By: Staff
  • Status: Closed
  • Comments Opened: Linked to Discussion Archives: 06 October 2009
  • Comments Closed: 06 November 2009
  • Suggestion Number: n/a

Consultation Description

ARIN is seeking community input about potential changes to the RSS feed that provides a daily report of address space returned to and issued by ARIN. ARIN wants to ensure the data in this RSS feed is provided in the manner most useful to the community.

To understand the data currently provided in this RSS feed, it is important to define the terminology used to describe the different ways number resources are recovered by ARIN. Revoked address space is space that ARIN takes back from a registrant for non-payment of registration fees. Reclaimed address space is space that ARIN takes back in response to confirmed fraudulent activity by the registrant or someone else (i.e. hijacking), OR because ARIN has found that the address space is not being used by the original registrant (out of business) and there is no evidence that the business was acquired or merged. Returned address space is space that is voluntarily returned to ARIN by the registrant because it is no longer in use and/or needed.

Each time that ARIN recovers an address block (regardless of the recovery method) it is placed into hold status for one year to allow adequate time to clear filters. Currently, this RSS feed is a daily email update listing the recovered address space (without attribution to the recovery method) that has been released from hold status and is available for re-issue to a new customer. The RSS feed also lists all address space issued by ARIN that day.

Recently, there has been discussion by the community about:

  1. Adding additional data to the RSS feed, including listing the address space recovered and put into hold status each day
  2. Enhancing the current RSS feed format and associated report that goes out over a distribution only email list using a XML format.

Please note that there may be some controversy associated with adding address space to the RSS feed on the day it is recovered by ARIN. Some individuals have expressed concern that advertising the date when space is recovered would give a heads up to the “bad actors” and make the space a target for abuse.

ARIN welcomes your feedback on each of these topics and will use your input to determine our course of action.

The current process for subscribing to the RSS feed and additional information about it can be found at:  

Discussion on will close on 6 November 2009 at noon EDT.

We welcome community-wide participation. Please address any process questions to

ARIN Actions

6 November 2009

ARIN received no responses or suggestions for improvements to the “arin-issued” RSS feed that lists addresses returned and addresses issued directly by ARIN. Based on private comments, we will soon make two improvements to the feed:

  1. Add language to clarify the nomenclature within the feed so that the community can understand the report more clearly

  2. Highlight the feed in a more suitable place on the ARIN website