ACSP Consultation 2009.2: ARIN's DNSSEC Deployment Plan

Consultation Tracking Information

  • Requested By: Staff
  • Status: Closed
  • Comments Opened: Linked to Discussion Archives: 01 June 2009
  • Comments Closed: 22 June 2009
  • Suggestion Number: n/a

Consultation Description

ARIN has published a proposed plan for DNSSEC deployment and is seeking community review and comment. The document is available at .

Please submit your comments to the You can subscribe to the arin-consult mailing list at:

Discussion on will close at noon EDT 16 June 2009. Based on the feedback provided, ARIN will update the deployment plan as needed with deployment currently planned for 1 July 2009.

All are welcome to participate. Please address any process questions to

ARIN Actions

Based on the limited feedback, ARIN plans to move forward with its 1 July 2009 deployment schedule.