ARIN Optimized Q4

14 December 2022

Location: Virtual
Category: ARIN Hosted Events, Training

Are you a new ARIN customer? You may have a lot of questions, but the biggest one might be: now what?

To help you answer that question, you’ll want to attend a session of our interactive master class: ARIN Optimized.

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Offered quarterly, this event is specifically tailored to all of our new customers. Attendees will get to speak directly with our expert panelists and key decision-makers at ARIN to hear how they can take full advantage of the services ARIN offers. Attendees should come prepared to learn more about their ARIN Online account and how to use all the technical services that ARIN provides.

Speakers at ARIN Optimized include the following ARIN staff members:

  • Hollis Kara, Director of Communications
  • John Sweeting, Chief Customer Officer
  • Jon Worley, Senior Technology Architect
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