ARIN-CTU Webinar Series: Local IXPs – No Longer an Option, Now an Imperative for 21st Century Governments

16 July 2020

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The American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union (CTU) bring you a new webinar series Thursdays in July 2020 at 10 AM AST focused on 21st Century Government in the Caribbean. We will explore the role of ICT, the Internet and critical infrastructure on efficient government service delivery; the potential for digital transformation in the public and private sector and in civil society; and security issues in an increasingly hyper-connected world. We will highlight the importance of policy, regulation and good governance in safeguarding our economies and society. The series will incorporate a combination of online, on-demand content and weekly interactive webinars featuring our members and stakeholders.

ARIN-CTU Webinar Series: Accelerating 21st Century Government in the Caribbean

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