3 October 2022 – 6 October 2022

Location: Las Vegas, NV
Category: Community Events, Industry Meetings
Event Website: https://wispaevents.org/attendee-registration-wp22/

WISPA hosts WISPAPALOOZA 2022 at Paris and Bally’s Hotels in Las Vegas, NV, 3-6 October 2022. The ARIN Help Desk will be on-site throughout the day.

Tuesday, 4 October, 4:30-5:30 PM PT
Session Topic: Achieving Network Autonomy
Presented by: John Sweeting, ARIN Chief Customer Officer

Do you have autonomy over your network? Do you know who controls the IP addresses your company’s network and services depend on? What happens to your network if you decide to switch providers or if your Internet Service Provider (ISP) asks you to return the IP addresses they assigned to you? Getting space directly from ARIN means that your organization directly holds the rights for IPv4 and IPv6 address blocks, which means that those addresses were provided to you directly by ARIN or its predecessors and can be considered portable. It is simple to request, and once you obtain IP addresses directly from ARIN (or through an approved transfer) you will have network autonomy and be able to set your own routing security policies. Hear from the CCO of the American Registry for Internet Numbers as he takes you on a journey to understanding IP Address Autonomy and why it is so important.

ARIN Help Desk
Get Personalized Assistance from ARIN’s Senior Technology Architect, Jon Worley

Did you know ARIN has an IPv4 Waiting List and a reserved block of IPv4 to facilitate IPv6 deployment that you can utilize for your IPv4 needs instead of turning to the market just yet? Do you need help updating your Whois data? Or deploying IPv6 or RPKI? No matter what it is you need help with, we’re here for you. The ARIN Help Desk is your one-stop source for information from ARIN. We’ll answer all your questions and can aid with any resource requests you’re currently working on with us as well as any you’ll be submitting in the near future.

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