12 February 2024 – 14 February 2024

Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Category: Community Events, Industry Meetings
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The North American Network Operators’ Group is dedicated to the ongoing advancement of an open, secure, and robust Internet, by inspiring, educating, and empowering our community to meet the ever-changing demands of a global network.

ARIN General Update
Monday, 12 February, 1:30 PM ET in Symphony Ballroom
Presented by: John Sweeting, ARIN Chief Customer Officer

ARIN is a nonprofit, member-based organization that administers IP addresses and Autonomous System Numbers in support of the operation and growth of the Internet. Hear from ARIN’s Chief Customer Officer on where the organization sits with IPv6 growth, the IPv4 Waiting List, and other notable organizational updates.

What Happens when an RIR’s RPKI Repository Goes Dark?
Wednesday, 14 February, 2:00 PM ET in Symphony Ballroom
Presented by: Brad Gorman, Senior Product Owner, Routing Security

Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) has become a crucial tool in enhancing routing security for the Internet community. It serves as a vital defense against route leaks, mitigating the risks associated with misconfigurations or malicious activities that disrupt network traffic. These disruptions can lead to severe consequences, including revenue loss, data breaches, or widespread network service disruptions.

At ARIN, we recently conducted a simulation involving the total loss of access to our RPKI repository. Our goal was to assess the impact of such a catastrophic event on the various components of the RPKI ecosystem. The results were enlightening. The majority of RPKI users, both within and outside the ARIN service region, continued to operate without noticeable impact. However, we also observed a minority of participants in the RPKI community who are not adhering to best practices, potentially posing risks to Internet traffic and highlighting areas for improvement.

Join us to explore our findings, both the positive aspects and areas for improvement. Let’s collectively determine how we can harness RPKI’s potential to its fullest today and foster its broader adoption as an evolving tool for enhancing routing security.

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