Jon Postel

October 1998

Jon Postel has been the Director of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority which is the central coordinator for Internet address space, domain names, and the Internet protocol identifiers essential to the use and operation of the Internet. He has been a central and driving force both in the development and growth of the Internet. His guidance was instrumental in the formation of ARIN and in developing the Internet community’s consensus and support for its formation.

Jon served as an ex-officio trustee of ARIN and was viewed by the Board of Trustees of ARIN as a friend and mentor and one whose actions were always aimed at achieving consensus. He was a man of vision and careful action.

The Board of Trustees is shocked and saddened by the death of its friend, Jon Postel.

The Board of Trustees hereby extends its sympathies to Jon’s family and friends. We shall miss his guiding hand and remember him always with respect, admiration and warmth of heart.

John Curran, Chairman
Scott O. Bradner, Trustee
Ken Fockler, Trustee
Kim Hubbard, President
Doug Humphrey, Trustee
Don Telage, Trustee