Results of Consultation on Open Discussion List

Posted: Wednesday, 21 September 2022

In June, ARIN opened a community consultation to determine support and interest in a new, separate mailing list that would be open to any interested party to discuss non-policy matters related to ARIN and the RIR system. The consultation was held for 30 days and received a total of five comments.

Due to the lack of significant community interest, ARIN will not be opening a new discussion mailing list. Parties wishing to discuss a topic relevant to ARIN community should make use of the ARIN existing email discussion lists for that purpose:

Public Policy Mailing List (arin-ppml)
Open to the general public. Provides a forum to raise and discuss policy-related ideas and issues surrounding existing and proposed ARIN policies. The PPML list is an intrinsic part of ARIN’s Policy Development Process, which details how proposed policies are handled.

Discussion on PPML can cover a variety of policy related topics, and ARIN encourages free discussion. ARIN announcements to the PPML about policy proposals or draft policies include the proposal number or draft policy number in the subject field. Please retain the policy number in the subject line when you make comments about specific proposals or draft policies.

Technical Discussions (arin-tech-discuss)
Open to the general public. Provided for those interested in providing technical feedback to ARIN or seeking information from others in the community who are working with technical aspects of ARIN’s services, such as Reg-RWS, DNSSEC, RDAP, the IRR, and the OT&E.

Consultations (arin-consult)
Open to the general public. Used in conjunction with the ARIN Consultation and Suggestion Process (ACSP) to gather comments, this is open for comments on any active consultation or suggestion. For those who would like to submit suggestions to ARIN, please review the ACSP and submit questions using the ACSP Suggestion Form.

General Members (general-members)
Open to individuals from ARIN General Member organizations. This list is provided to create a forum for the discussion of topics relevant to ARIN’s governance.

ARIN thanks those who provided valuable feedback on this consultation, as we rely on the input from our members and community to help steer the organization.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)