IPv6 Study Hall: How do I apply for IPv6 addresses from ARIN? Do I even qualify for an allocation?

IPv6 Study Hall: How do I apply for IPv6 addresses from ARIN? Do I even qualify for an allocation?

:Welcome to our new blog series, “IPv6 Study Hall”. This series will serve as an open learning forum for those of you seeking resources and information about IPv6.

We don’t want to give you flashbacks to your dreaded ninth grade homeroom class, but we do want to offer up quality resources that can help answer any questions you may have about IPv6. So follow along with us on the third Tuesday of every month as we clarify a few commonly asked questions about IPv6 deployment.

First up, we’ll start with the basics—how to apply for an IPv6 address from ARIN.

Of course, before you even request allocation, you need to make sure you qualify. Review our number resource policies regarding IPv6 to ensure your organization meets the requirements. Take note that our policy guidelines for an organization approaching its allocation justification request for IPv6 are a bit different than what was required for IPv4.

Organizations can justify addressing devices within their network by showing intent for the addresses to begin operational use within 12 months as well as by meeting one of the criteria listed here.

An initial size allocation will be based off the largest site you operate. For large organizations (if you have more than 49,152 sites), you’ll need to read the details in our ISP Address Space Guidelines.

Next, register for a Point of Contact (POC) and an Organization Identifier (Org ID) before submitting a request through your ARIN Online account. You will also need to have an officer of the company verify to ARIN that the data you submitted is accurate.

Once ARIN notifies you that you have been approved, you must follow up on your request within 90 days, or else resubmit your request. You will need to complete an Initial IPv6 Allocation Billing form before ARIN can allocate your new address block.

More information on how to request IPv6 address space from ARIN can be found here.

There you have it—how to apply for IPv6 addresses from ARIN. Next up on our IPv6 Study Hall series we’ll take a look at how IPv6 addresses are distributed. We’ll be taking attendance again next month, so don’t be late!

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