COMING SOON! ARIN Premier Support Plan as a Paid Service

Posted: Tuesday, 31 May 2022

In May of 2021, ARIN launched the Premier Support Plan (PSP) to customers who are in a 2XL or larger Registration Services Plan (RSP). Beginning 15 August 2022, this same service package will be made available to customers who are in an XL or smaller RSP at an annual cost of $5,000 USD. Interested organizations will be able to enroll through ARIN Online.

This new program does not affect the PSP status of 2XL or larger RSP customers, who will continue to receive this service at no additional cost.

Organizations that choose to enroll will receive the same suite of services that our original PSP customers have enjoyed since the program’s launch. These include:

  • Dedicated Account Manager (White Glove)
  • Prioritized Ticket Processing (White Glove)
  • Direct Technical Services Liaison
  • 24/7 On-Call Support
  • Premier Support Plan Customer Focus Group
  • Waived Transfer Fees

Any customer who holds Internet number resources with ARIN that are under a Registration Services Agreement (RSA) or Legacy RSA will be able to enroll in the PSP via their ARIN Online account. The first payment will be prorated up to the annual billing month for the organization. After the initial prorated payment, the customer will receive a PSP services fee on their annual invoice. This line item will be added to display along with their existing Internet number resources, and will be a recurring annual fee unless the customer chooses to opt-out. Customers may also choose to initiate this service at the time of their annual billing.

We are excited to open this opportunity for our Premier Support Plan to a wider ARIN audience. Please send any questions about the Premier Support Plan to


John Sweeting
Chief Customer Officer
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)