Have You Registered Yet for the ARIN 45 Virtual Meeting?

Posted: Wednesday, 27 May 2020

Registration is currently open for the ARIN 45 Virtual Meeting, which will be held entirely online on 16-17 June, from 12:00 – 3:00 PM ET each day. ARIN is holding this Public Policy and Members Meeting so that attendees may gather virtually to discuss draft Internet number resource policies and learn more about ARIN services and operations.

All those who registered for the in-person ARIN 45 meeting in Louisville, KY—whether as a remote attendee or in-person attendee—will have to re-register for this event using the link below.

During ARIN 45, the ARIN Advisory Council will be seeking your feedback on the following policies:

  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-1: Clarify Section 4 IPv4 Request Requirements
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-10: Inter-RIR M&A
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-12: M&A Legal Jurisdiction Exclusion
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-20: Harmonization of Maximum Allocation Requirements under Sections 4.1.8 (ARIN Waitlist) and 4.2.2 (Initial Allocation to ISPs)
  • Recommended Draft Policy ARIN-2019-21: Reserved Pool Replenishment
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2020-1: Clarify Holding Period for Resources Received via 4.1.8 Waitlist
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2020-2: Grandfathering of Organizations Removed from Waitlist by Implementation of ARIN-2019-16
  • Draft Policy ARIN-2020-3: IPv6 Nano-Allocations

All draft policy text is available at:


The ARIN 45 agenda will also feature many other informative sessions, including updates on ARIN’s IRR and RPKI.

ARIN 45 will be held via Zoom. For more details about attending and registering for this virtual meeting, visit:


A link to access the virtual meeting will be emailed to all registered attendees in the days leading up to the event.

Questions? Please email us at meetings@arin.net. We hope to see you virtually!


American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)