Changes to Out-of-Region ROUTE, ROUTE6, and AUT-NUM Objects in the RIPE Database

Changes to Out-of-Region ROUTE, ROUTE6, and AUT-NUM Objects in the RIPE Database

Beginning in September 2018, RIPE is implementing changes to out-of-region route, route6, and aut-num objects in its database. First, users will not be allowed to create new route, route6, and aut-num objects for out-of-region resources in the RIPE routing registry. Second, existing route, route6, and aut-num objects for out-of-region resources in the RIPE database will have their “source:” attribute changed from “RIPE” to “RIPE-NONAUTH.” If you have routing objects in the RIPE database that reflect resources registered under ARIN, for example, those objects would be changed. The change to existing routing objects could impact some routing processes that use the “source:” attribute. RIPE has provided information on this change.

Does this affect me?

If you have created route, route6, or aut-num objects in the RIPE database for resources (IP addresses and ASNs), and those objects are for resources registered with ARIN, they will be affected.

What will happen to my objects?

RIPE will change the existing value in the “source:” attribute of those objects to RIPE-NONAUTH. These items will continue to exist in the RIPE database with this changed attribute.

How will this impact my routing?

Due to the complex nature of Internet routing, we cannot predict how the change to these objects may affect routing. It could affect routing queries if they are configured to use the “source:” attribute. However, routing queries that do not specify a “source:” attribute will receive both “source: RIPE” and “source: RIPE-NONAUTH” objects in their results, so that the impact is minimized.

What should I do if I am affected?

ARIN recommends that people with affected objects at RIPE consider creating routing objects for their resources in ARIN’s Internet Routing Registry (IRR). However, note that in the future, ARIN may implement changes impacting out-of-region objects in its own database.

How do I create routing objects in ARIN’s IRR?

Follow these steps:

1. Create a mntner object and set up authentication.

2. Create route, route6, or aut-num objects for your resources.

ARIN provides the following information to help you configure your objects in the IRR:

Overview of the ARIN Internet Routing Registry: Describes ARIN’s IRR system.

Using the IRR: Describes how to create, edit, and delete IRR objects.

IRR Templates: Provides descriptions of object fields in the IRR templates.

Where Can I Get Additional Help?

• For help with ARIN’s IRR, you can contact our Registration Services Help Desk.

• For help with RIPE’s registration and routing database, visit their Contact page.

Post written by:

Kerry Carmichael
Senior Technical Writer

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