Have You Heard About NRPM 4.10?

Have You Heard About NRPM 4.10?

You may have heard that ARIN’s IPv4 free pool ran out over two years ago. Since then, many organizations have decided to #Get6 and transition to IPv6. However, some of these IPv6 networks find they still need a small block of IPv4 addresses to help get their IPv4 customers and service to/from IPv6-only networks. Because the IPv4 free pool depleted, it’s not as easy to receive IPv4 addresses from the free pool these days. In fact, many organizations wait for months on the IPv4 Waiting List or they receive IPv4 addresses via Specified Recipient Transfers.

Did You Know?

The ARIN community recognized early on that IPv4 would deplete and that network operators would need to adopt IPv6. During this early period, the community enacted a new policy that would place a /10 of IPv4 addresses into a reserved pool specifically to be issued to organizations that adopted IPv6 but still needed to transition their customers and services between IPv4 and IPv6. This policy is outlined in the “Number Resource Policy Manual” (NRPM) section “4.10 Dedicated IPv4 block to facilitate IPv6 Deployment” (NRPM 4.10). This policy, reads in part:

“Allocations and assignments from this block must be justified by immediate IPv6 deployment requirements. Examples of such needs include: IPv4 addresses for key dual stack DNS servers, and NAT-PT or NAT464 translators.”

You can qualify for IPv4 addresses from this reserved pool if your organization has IPv6 space already registered, whether directly from ARIN or as a reassignment from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), and needs a small block of IPv4 addresses to deploy your IPv6 network.

So now you want to submit a request, but aren’t sure how?

If you’re new to ARIN, follow our Quick Guide to get set up in our system with your User Account, Point of Contact Record (POC), and Organization Identifier (Org ID). Once set up, submit an IPv4 request and ensure you select the proper form (ISP IPv4 or End-user IPv4). You will need to click the radio button to indicate you are requesting under NRPM 4.10. In the justification section, tell us how you will be using the requested IP address block to transition to IPv6 (e.g. dual-stack, NAT464, etc.). We’ll review your request and let you know if we need any additional information. Once we’ve verified your organization meets the qualification requirements, we can approve your request.

Other things to note

  • If you already have IPv4 addresses directly registered to your organization, policy requires that you demonstrate that no other assignment/allocation is available that you could use to facilitate IPv6 deployment.

  • What if you have already been assigned/allocated IPv4 addresses under NRPM 4.10, but you find you need more? You can simply submit a new request if your previous assignment(s)/allocation(s) continue to meet the justification requirements of NRPM 4.10:

    • your previous assignment(s)/allocation(s) were issued to your organization at least six months prior,

    • the previous NRPM 4.10 block(s) are being efficiently used, and

    • continues to be used for IPv6 transition purposes.

Have any questions? Give our Registration Services team a call at 703.227.0660 or submit an Ask ARIN ticket from within your ARIN Online account. We’ll do our best to help you and your customers connect to the whole Internet.

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