A New Look for TeamARIN

A New Look for TeamARIN

Notice something a little different around here?

We recently redesigned our entire TeamARIN site to make it easier and more efficient for you to get the content that matters most to you.  First and foremost the new TeamARIN site is mobile-friendly, so you can read blogs like this one when you’re at your desk AND when you’re on the go.  In addition to a new, responsive design, we also updated to a cleaner look with streamlined navigation, improved search, the ability to sort blog posts by topic or author, and other features to make the site more user-friendly.

Tour the new TeamARIN

Whether you’re new to this site or have been visiting for years, let me take you on a little tour.  TeamARIN hosts ARIN’s blog, outreach resources, community event calendar, and Get6 campaign.

Fun Fact. The name for the site was inspired by a band of comic book heroes from the early 2000s. Today, TeamARIN refers to the community of individuals interested in Internet numbers in the ARIN region. Think of TeamARIN as the voice of your friendly Regional Internet Registry (RIR) and the larger community all rolled into one.

To take advantage of all that we have to offer and to participate where you are able, here’s what you need to know.

Read the ARIN blog

We regularly post new and informative blogs on everything from requesting Internet number resources to tips and tricks for deploying IPv6.  We also take suggestions on what you want to hear more about from our own experts and offer you the chance to contribute a guest blog to share with the community the work you are doing with IPv6.

Access outreach resources

We’ve made it easy for you find resources to help you get the word out about topics related to the inner workings of the Internet.

Find out where we’ll be next

We maintain a community event calendar where you’ll find us throughout the year

Check out our Get6 campaign

We’re actively encouraging everyone to connect to the whole Internet, not just the old Internet by making all web content available over IPv6.  Within Get6, see if you’re accessing our site over IPv6, learn the facts, say goodbye to IPv4, see who gets it, pat a forward thinker on the back (or become one yourself), keep up with the latest news, and join in the fun.

The one aspect about TeamARIN that never changes is that it’s powered by participation, especially YOURS.

Can we count on you to join the team?

Post written by:

Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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