A Year After World IPv6 Launch Day

A Year After World IPv6 Launch Day


One year ago today, the Internet community celebrated World IPv6 Launch Day, a day when several major  companies like Google, Facebook, AT&T, and YouTube turned on IPv6 for good to encourage the widespread adoption of IPv6.

So where are we a year later? Did the launch really motivate widespread deployment of IPv6?  According to many reports the outlook for IPv6 grows ever brighter.

This infographic from the Internet Society shows the overall progress that has been made. IPv6 connectivity by Web users has nearly doubled since June 2012, and if the trend continues, the Internet Society predicts it will take fewer than six years for more than half of all Web users globally to be IPv6 connected. Among those now offering their products and services with IPv6 by default are 107 network operators, more than 21,500 websites, and 10 home router vendors.

On a larger scale, this interactive map from Cisco pulls data from all the RIRs and other organizations like Google and the ITU to determine global and local IPv6 adoption rates. The U.S.’ overall IPv6 deployment is currently 47.68 percent and Canada’s overall IPv6 deployment is currently 37.92 percent. (A country’s “IPv6 overall deployment” index is determined by the weighted average of adoption metrics: IPv6 Transit, IPv6 Content and IPv6 Users.)

We’ve seen great progress in the past year and only expect it to continue. We encourage everyone involved to help keep that global deployment momentum going by spreading the word about IPv6 adoption!

What have you been doing with IPv6 this year? Answer our Facebook Poll and let us know, and we will share those results next week.

Plus if you are in the ARIN region and haven’t requested your IPv6 resources yet, learn how to get started with our page on How to Request Resources.

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Jennifer Bly
External Relations Manager

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