Sneak Peek: What is ARIN up to This Fall?

Sneak Peek: What is ARIN up to This Fall?

The summer months are just about over, but that doesn’t mean things are cooling down for Team ARIN. We’re keeping the trail hot with many stops all over the US, Canada, and the Caribbean. Find out where we’ll be this coming fall and if you can, join us for the fun.

Here’s what ARIN is up to this fall:

13 September 2011

ARIN on the Road Montreal - Montreal, Quebec

Registration is free and available to anyone and everyone who wants to learn more about ARIN and what we do.

14-15 September 2011

Texas IPv6 Task Force Summit: Austin, Texas

ARIN is bronze sponsor of this event dedicated to one of our favorite topics:IPv6. Don’t miss John Curran, ARIN’s president and CEO, during the session: “Ready or not"¦IPv6 is here!” at 8:45 AM on 14 September.

19-22 September 2011

CaribNOG 2: Castries, St Lucia

ARIN is proud to support the Caribbean Network Operator’s Group second regional meeting. We think you’ll especially like Day Three when IPv6 takes center stage!

27-30 September 2011

Internet Governance Forum: Nairobi, Kenya

The NRO and RIR’s will be hosting workshops at this Sixth Annual IGF Meeting. We’re not going to miss a meeting with a theme like this one: ‘Internet as a catalyst for change: access, development, freedoms and innovation’.

3-7 October 2011

Interop - New York, New York.

We’ve got a booth. It’s number 248. Be sure to stop by and also hear John Curran moderate a panel all about IPv6:the next generation of Internet Protocol addresses on Friday at 9:00 AM.

9-12 October 2011

NANOG 53: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The North American Network Operators’ Group 53rd meeting. You should go. We think you’ll like it.

12-14 October 2011

ARIN XXVIII: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

You’re not going to want to miss this one. We’re hosting our 28th Public Policy and Members Meeting and we can say with certainty this is going to be a good one.

8-10 November 2011

TM Forum’s Management World Americas: Orlando, Florida

Hear President and CEO of ARIN speak about IPv6 Transition Strategies on Wednesday, 9 November at Noon.

Post written by:

Sean Hopkins
Senior Policy Analyst, ARIN

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