Podcast: ARIN XXVII Draft Policies

Podcast: ARIN XXVII Draft Policies

:This is a podcast, produced by ARIN staff, focusing on draft policies up for discussion at the ARIN XXVII Public Policy and Members Meeting in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The meeting will take place 10-13 April 2011.

ARIN’s Public Policy Meetings are an integral part of the Internet number resource policy development process, bringing together industry professionals, government representatives, and Internet community leaders in an open and productive forum.

The ARIN XXVII Discussion Guide is available on the ARIN website, and additional information about the meeting is available on the ARIN XXVII Meeting page, including information about registering to attend in person or on participating remotely.

Details on the draft policies that will be discussed at the Public Policy Meeting are available at the ARIN Draft Policies page.

Post written by:

Jason Byrne
Senior Customer Success Analyst

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