Change to Management of the Trust Anchor Locator (TAL) for ARIN’s RPKI Service

Posted: Monday, 26 September 2022

Effective 26 September 2022, ARIN is changing how we manage the ARIN TAL. Users are no longer required to sign the ARIN Relying Party Agreement to redistribute information from ARIN’s Online Resource Certification PKI (“ORCP”) in a machine readable format for network routing purposes. We are making this modification in response to feedback from the Internet community and in the hope that it will accelerate RPKI deployment in the ARIN region. We ask that developers of Relying Party software include the ARIN TAL in future releases. We encourage all participants in the RPKI community to download the ARIN TAL and add it to existing validator deployments where previously it has not been included.

The Relying Party Agreement (RPA) has been updated to reflect the changes in the useage of the TAL. The change is the addition of Section 9 “Machine-Readable Format Distribution” to the RPA and the elimination of a separate Redistributor RPA. With this addition, a party to the RPA may make information from the ORCP Services available to third parties in a machine-readable format under certain circumstances.

The updated RPA is available for review:


RPA Redline

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Brad Gorman
Sr. Product Owner, Routing Security
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)