New ARIN Registration Services Agreement

Posted: Monday, 12 September 2022

ARIN is pleased to announce the release of an updated combined Registration Services Agreement (the “RSA”) RSA Version 13.0/LRSA Version 5.0. This agreement takes the place of RSA Version 12.0/LRSA Version 4.0 and is immediately made available for signature. Further, any signatories of prior versions of the RSA or LRSA that are in good standing are able to update and execute this version of the RSA if they wish to do so.

ARIN is committed to removing hurdles to organizations making use of ARIN’s services to the extent reasonably possible. We have updated the RSA several times since its inception; each time, we have incorporated changes to address concerns and comments received from the community. This updated RSA changes one section of the RSA that has been the subject of notable community feedback over the years. The updated RSA removes significant representations from Section 7 and renames the section (previously titled “No Property Rights”) to “Acknowledged Rights To Included Number Resources.” A redline showing the change may be seen here. We have not changed the RSA in more than five years; however, we felt that this small change may be helpful to customers considering ARIN’s services, including RPKI and our recently introduced Authenticated IRR.

For clarity, this change to the RSA does not impact, nor does it alter, ARIN’s position that Internet Number Resources are not freely-held property. Internet Number Resources constitute a bundle of contractual rights that are created upon issuance of an Internet Number Resource from the registry to a registrant. The original “No Property Rights” section was created at a time when this clear statement was necessary. Since then, the RSA has undergone multiple updates, including the addition of the specified rights granted to a Holder as detailed in Section 2 of the RSA titled “Conditions of Service.”

We are hopeful with the release of this updated RSA that organizations will more easily be able to utilize ARIN’s full suite of services.


John Curran
President and CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)