The ARIN Test of the RPKI, Announced on 5 August, Has Been Completed

Posted: Thursday, 08 September 2022

Beginning at 11:00 AM ET (UTC-4) on 6 September 2022, ARIN began restricting access to the sites that serve the ARIN Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Hosted and RPS (hybrid) repositories. At 12:00 PM, all access was administratively blocked, and the repository was made unavailable. At 1:04 PM, access to the repositories was restored. Full redundancy of services was confirmed at 1:18 PM.

Data from the test is being collected and reviewed. ARIN will share our observations made before, during and at the conclusion of this event. ARIN will also share more details regarding our preparations, the steps taken during the execution of the test, and the expected outcome.

ARIN did not make the decision to perform this test of RPKI lightly. Executing this test in a controlled environment would not give an accurate representation of the performance and preparedness of participants in the RPKI community, which is why we made the conscious decision to use the ARIN production environment to perform this test.

We appreciate the patience and understanding of participants in the RPKI community leading up to today’s activity. Our goal at ARIN is to continue being a valued resource for our member organizations and the global Internet community.


Brad Gorman
Senior Product Owner, Routing Security
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)