ARIN’s Leadership Development Series Video Premiere

Posted: Thursday, 16 June 2022

You may know ARIN for our core service: the management and distribution of Internet number resources such as IPv4, IPv6 and Autonomous System Numbers (ASNs) within our service region. But ARIN is also a service organization that coordinates policy development by the community and advances the Internet through informational outreach.

At ARIN, we’re always aiming to develop a strong class of future leaders from diverse backgrounds and geographic areas. Today, we’ve released two videos as part of our Leadership Development Series, one focused on the ARIN Board of Trustees and one that provides a deep dive into the Policy Development Process and Advisory Council at ARIN.

Governance at ARIN

The ARIN Board of Trustees is crucial to our success in supporting the operation and growth of the Internet. This short video dives into exactly what the ARIN Board does, the responsibilities of our Trustees, and how you can run for Board election to help guide the strategic direction of ARIN. We hope this video will help you understand the inner workings of the Board and its responsibilities to ARIN and its mission, as well as how and why it is crucial for our members to participate in governance by voting in ARIN elections.

ARIN’s Policy Development Process

The creation, development, and maintenance of Internet number policy for the ARIN region is paramount to the future of the Internet. This short video explains how an idea from the community transitions from a proposal to a draft policy to an ARIN-implemented policy in the Number Resource Policy Manual, all under the guidance of the ARIN Advisory Council. We hope this video will help you understand how Internet number policy is created, and how you can help oversee the future of ARIN’s policy, either by running for the Advisory Council or by submitting a proposal of your own!

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