2022 Mailing List AUP Committee

Posted: Wednesday, 18 May 2022

The Mailing List Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) Committee is responsible for reviewing alleged violations of the mailing lists AUP, and advising the President on proposed courses of action to ensure the decisions are sound and consistent with described procedures. Its Charter may be found at https://www.arin.net/about/welcome/board/committees/charters/.

The AUP Committee is composed of one elected member of the Board of Trustees, the President and CEO, one member of the Advisory Council, and one ARIN Member in Good Standing. Bram Abramson (Board) has agreed to join the Committee, and Amy Potter (Advisory Council) and Joe Pace (Member) to extend their service on it. If you have interest in volunteering for this role, please watch for an announcement here in Q1 of 2023, when we will seek volunteers anew.

If you have suggestions for the Committee, please let a member know.


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