Top Ten Reasons Why You Would Benefit from ARIN’s Virtual Fellowship Program

Posted: Thursday, 24 February 2022

Would you like to learn more about Internet number resource policy development, ARIN’s Policy Development Process, or Internet governance? Then apply to ARIN’s Virtual Fellowship Program now through the extended application deadline of Thursday, 3 March 2022. This is an exciting opportunity no matter what stage of career you are in. You’ll be paired with a mentor from the ARIN community and attend four virtual sessions between 5 April and 3 May in preparation for the ARIN 49 Public Policy and Members Meeting.

Curious to know why you should apply? Take it from the past Virtual Fellows! Here are their top 10 takeaways from participating in the program:

  1. “The content was engaging and easy to follow.”
  2. “The rhythm and pace of the program was perfect, as the content got more insightful as the weeks progressed.”
  3. “Leif Sawyer (ARIN Advisory Council Chair) was really relatable and seemed to enjoy presenting the information just as much as the attendees enjoyed viewing it.”
  4. “The presentation on the Policy Development Process really set the tone for the entirety of the program and provided a blueprint to follow along the consecutive sessions.”
  5. “At the conclusion of the first session, I was already able to understand the principles used to review policy changes and the “life cycle” of the Policy Development Process, in addition to who can submit policy change proposals, who reviews them, and when the policy changes can take effect.”
  6. “My mentor was a knowledgeable and very experienced ARIN community member, explaining how some of the changes, no matter how small, can provide additional clarity to the Number Resource Policy Manual.”
  7. “I was also glad for the virtual aspect, as it made it much easier for me to attend and allowed for the additional sessions before the Public Policy and Members Meeting began.”
  8. “Everyone involved seemed to actually enjoy working together … Though many of the topics could be somewhat dry and procedural, there was a definite enthusiasm and engagement with the community.”
  9. “It was great to hear from many different perspectives of those who work at ARIN, sit on the Advisory Council, and have a Q&A with ARIN’s VP of Government Affairs.”
  10. “Being a Fellow made the idea of potentially submitting a proposal myself or serving on the ARIN Advisory Council less intimidating.”

Individuals who are 18 years of age or older, have a demonstrated interest in the ARIN community and its policy development process, and reside in the ARIN region are eligible to apply. Special consideration will be given to those new to their organization who have never attended an ARIN meeting before.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about ARIN and becoming a part of an active, involved, and committed community, then ARIN looks forward to receiving your Fellowship application. For any additional questions, please email

To apply now to the ARIN 49 Virtual Fellowship Program, visit the following link:

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Amanda Gauldin
Community Engagement Coordinator
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)