Closing the ARIN-discuss Mailing List

Posted: Wednesday, 04 August 2021

On 4 August 2021, ARIN closed the ARIN-discuss mailing list. The list will be archived and available on the mailing list page at the URL below.

The ARIN-discuss list has been in use since 1999. During its first 15 years of existence, individuals were automatically subscribed to the list when they were issued IP addresses by ARIN and became members. During that period, a message went out to individuals as they were added making them aware of the automatic subscription, and they were given the option to opt-out. Most people did not opt-out of arin-discuss, however, and many never noticed they were on the list until receiving messages from it. The inevitable flurry of replies asking for clarification about the list and/or to be unsubscribed significantly detracted from the usefulness of the list as a discussion forum, and as a result ARIN discontinued the practice of automatically adding resource holders to arin-discuss. However, even to this day there are some subscribers who post in confusion upon receiving email from the arin-discuss list.

ARIN does have a variety of mailing lists that provide valuable forums for community input and were established on a strictly opt-in basis. These include the Public Policy Mailing List (arin-ppml) for policy; Technical Discussions mailing list (arin-tech-discuss) for providing technical feedback to ARIN or seeking information from others in the community who are working with technical aspects of ARIN’s services; and the Consultation mailing list (arin-consult) that is used to solicit input from the community on variety of consultations and suggestions including changes to ARIN processes and services, fees, and feedback on suggestions from the community. These mailing lists are open for all to use in accordance with ARIN’s Mailing List AUP and Standards of Behavior.

Considering the very infrequent and ineffective use of arin-discuss and the abundance of other functional lists for community engagement, the arin-discuss mailing list has been retired.

You can find information for all our mailing lists at:


John Curran
President & CEO
American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)