Apply Now for an ARIN Community Grant

Posted: Wednesday, 04 March 2020

Do you know of a project that needs funding, is not commercial in nature, and benefits the Internet community with the ARIN service region? Apply now for a 2020 ARIN Community Grant. The call for applications is open through 10 June 2020.

The ARIN Community Grant Program provides financial grants in support of operational and research projects that improve the overall Internet industry and Internet user environment that advance ARIN’s mission and broadly benefit the Internet community within the ARIN region. For 2020, the ARIN Board of Trustees has approved a total expenditure of up to $60,000 (USD) for grants of varying amounts, starting at $1,000 (USD) and based on project need.

Projects must fit into one or more of these four broad categories:

  • Internet technical improvements that promote and facilitate the expansion, development, and growth of the infrastructure of the Internet consistent with the public interest
  • Registry processes and technology improvements that help maintain a globally consistent and highly usable Internet Numbers Registry system
  • Informational outreach that advances the Internet on topics such as, but not limited to: IPv6 deployment, Internet research, and Internet governance
  • Research related to ARIN’s mission and operations

We invite you to learn more about ARIN’s Community Grant Program at:

Grant applications will be accepted 4 March – 10 June 2020. A link to the application is available on the webpage.

We are also pleased to announce the 2020 Grant Selection Committee:

  • Michael Abejuela, ARIN staff
  • Jennifer Bly, ARIN staff, Committee Chair
  • Peter Harrison, ARIN Board of Trustees
  • Kerrie Richards, ARIN Advisory Council
  • Barry Sherwood, ARIN General Member in Good Standing
  • Matthew Wilder, ARIN General Member in Good Standing

The Grant Selection Committee will evaluate all qualified project applications according the selection criteria. Thank you to everyone who volunteered to serve this year.

ARIN looks forward to funding important projects through the ARIN Community Grant Program in 2020. We encourage all applicants to clearly demonstrate how projects meet eligibility guidelines and selection criteria through the application form to improve chances of selection.


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