Policy Implementation Scheduled for the Week of 30 March 2020

Posted: Monday, 10 February 2020

Over the last several years, the community has been discussing ARIN policy regarding how reallocations and reassignments are made to downstream organizations. As a result of these discussions, two new policies will be implemented in the coming weeks. These new policies may impact you, your downstream customers, and your automated SWIP scripts or email templates for detailed reassignments and reallocations. The changes to our systems required by these policies will be deployed during our next release cycle, scheduled for the week of 30 March 2020, as previously announced.

When the community-driven policy changes ARIN 2017-12 and ARIN 2018-5 are implemented, organizations will be unable to create Points of Contact (POCs) or Organization IDs (Org IDs) for organizations other than their own. A recipient organization must create an Org ID and POC with ARIN before receiving a reassignment or reallocation.

We have been working actively with community members to determine the best way to implement these policies because they have operational impacts for our customers. To assist our customers, we have published a detailed blog post that explains how these policies will change detailed reassignments and reallocations.


We encourage all of our customers who reassign/reallocate IP address space to their customers to review this blog post carefully, and to take advantage of the upcoming opportunity to test their automated processes prior to the implementation date.

American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN)