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Statements of Support - Board of Trustees

Paul Andersen

Author: paul vixie

Submitted: Friday 07 September 2018 19:05 EDT mr. andersen as trustee and chairman of the arin board of trustees, has made it look easy, and drama-free, for the first time in living memory. i am glad to see his willingness to continue, and i hope that the community gives him another term.

Author: Byron Holland

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 13:27 EDT i have known and worked with Paul in various Internet and governance related environments for over 10 years. As the former Chair of Board of CIRA (ccTLD operator for .ca, where I am the CEO) Paul has the rare convergence of deep technical knowledge as well as organizational governance expertise. Further, he manages to execute on both in an amiable and straightforward manner. His interest in and passion for all things Internet in addition to his real commitment to the community make him an excellent choice for another term.

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:37 EDT Mr. Andersen has provided a tremendous amount of service to the ARIN community. First as a member of the Advisory Council and now as a member of the Board. He has an impeccable record of acting in good faith for the benefit of the ARIN membership and community. I strongly endorse his re-election to the ARIN board.

Author: Kevin Blumberg

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 14:18 EDT I have been involved in the ARIN community for many years and have found Paul to be a great leader and caring member of the community. As a participant in both Public Policy Meetings and during my tenure on the ARIN AC I found Paul to have a uncanny ability to move discussion forward and interact in a thoughtful and even natured way. His years of Board experience with CIRA and ARIN is an invaluable asset for the ARIN community.

Author: Joe Abley

Submitted: Wednesday 12 September 2018 09:21 EDT Paul has a nuanced understanding of global number resource management, an engineering discipline that allows him to navigate complex, technical projects calmly and effectively, and a proven, pragmatic track record in business. This is a rare combination. ARIN is fortunate, once again, to have such a well-qualified candidate for its board of trustees.

Author: Ron da Silva

Submitted: Saturday 15 September 2018 10:15 EDT I’ve known and worked with Paul for almost 20 years. He brings good leadership and comprehensive understanding of ARIN’s mission. He has served well in a number of roles on behalf the community and would be an immeasurable asset to retain on the Board of Trustees. I wholeheartedly support is nomination and encourage the ARIN community to re-appoint him to the Board.

Author: Cathy Aronson

Submitted: Sunday 16 September 2018 14:47 EDT Paul Anderson has served the ARIN community for many years. He was an excellent Advisory Council member. For the past several terms Paul as also been an excellent board member and board chairman. Paul works hard for the ARIN community and I support his re-election to the ARIN board.

Author: Lee Howard

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 12:48 EDT Paul’s service on the Board has been steady, as most of its members have changed. His board experience before ARIN provided him a strong background to lead, and he has been an officer since his first term began. He understands the fiduciary responsibilities unique to board roles, as well as the unique position of ARIN among not-for-profits, and clearly has the experience to continue filling that role.

Author: Patrick Gilmore

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 14:03 EDT I have served with Paul on the board for just under 2 years now. He has impressed me both with his contributions as a board member and stewardship as Chair. As a board member, Paul has consistently been prepared for every discussion, and is not afraid to bring up points which are not popular. Even when I disagree, his points are articulated and reasoned well enough that I am certain we both understand the topic and just differ in opinion. When the rest of the board disagrees, Paul puts as much effort into effectuating the decision as he does when the vote goes his way. For these reasons and more, I endorse Paul’s candidacy.

Author: Peter Thimmesch

Submitted: Tuesday 18 September 2018 01:01 EDT To the Membership, We have had the opportunity to work in collaboration with Paul for the last few years and have become deeply impressed with his remarkable ability to balance the business functions of overseeing ARIN’s fiscal responsibilities with the role that ARIN has in managing its crucial registration system. Paul’s steady leadership enables industry participants to rely on sound, consistent judgments that give assurance to the rapidly evolving role to be proactive and dependable. We have witnessed his close working relationship with the senior team at ARIN and recognize the mutual respect and trust they have for each other. This has been earned, not given. Our company whole hardly endorses Paul for him to be reelected to another term. Peter Thimmesch Chairman & CEO Addrex, Inc.

Author: Nancy Carter

Submitted: Sunday 23 September 2018 13:52 EDT I am pleased to write an unqualified letter of support for Paul Andersen. I have worked closely with Paul over the past year in my role as Treasurer on the ARIN Board of Trustees, and have found Paul to be the kind of board member that is easy to work with. He is dedicated, personable, and knowledgeable. He runs every Board meeting with respect and order and as a result is a Chair that it is a pleasure to serve under. Paul has acted as a mentor for new Board members, always explaining issues in a logical and reasonable way. Paul makes sure that the Board is prepared and productive by ensuring that relevant materials are provided in a timely manner. Paul conducts himself at all times with the greatest integrity. I encourage you to re-elect Paul to the ARIN Board of Trustees. He is an engaged, dynamic, and motivated Board member and I believe that his demonstrated commitment as well as his governance experience and technical knowledge are assets to the organization and the ARIN community. I fully endorse Paul’s candidacy!

Author: Amy Potter

Submitted: Tuesday 25 September 2018 00:06 EDT Paul Anderson is a valuable asset to the ARIN community. Throughout my time on the AC has gone out of his way to make himself available to us. I fully support his re-election to the Board.

Author: David Siegel

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 16:49 EDT Paul makes a great board member due to his calm and thoughtful approach to the job, and that combined with his many years of experience with ARIN and numbers policy makes him an easy “yes” for this position.

Author: Louie Lee

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 12:38 EDT Paul is a highly dedicated individual in leading the ARIN Board of Trustees to carry out all three aspects of the ARIN mission statement. In my own meetings with the ARIN Board, I have the privilege to engage with him directly and to get to experience the guidance he provides that the ARIN meeting attendees only get glimpses of on the occasions where he manages the large meeting rooms. My hope is that the community sees his value with his continued participation at this level and support his candidacy.

Author: Chad Milam

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 13:56 EDT Paul has been an invaluable asset to ARIN, the Board of Trustees, and the community at large. He is a thoughtful and talented leader. I fully support his re-election to the ARIN board.

Author: Timothy Denton

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 16:45 EDT I have known Paul Andersen in several different capacities over a long period of time, through various internet organizations: CIRA, CNOC and the ARIN Board, for about 15 years now. I have been his chairman and he has been mine. I have found his conduct in all capacities consistently sane, balanced, careful, and reasonable. So much of the success of a Board is in getting the business done and keeping the egos and tempers in check (including one’s own), managing inevitable conflicts and driving forward an agenda that corresponds to the organization’s needs. It has been my direct experience of Paul that he manages this set of tasks well. He is worthy of your trust and vote.

Author: Peter Losher

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 17:20 EDT I have known Paul as part of the internet community for over a decade since his time on the TORIX and CIRA boards. He has always been a tireless advocate and have always appreciated his willingness to serve. In his role as an ARIN trustee and chairman Paul has been a valuable and calming influence on the ARIN board and I support his reelection.

Author: Bill Sandiford

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 13:27 EDT I have had the pleasure of knowing Paul Andersen for almost 15 years in both a personal and professional capacity. Paul has been a tireless advocate for ARIN and the internet numbers community. His hard work, dedication, and leadership has helped steer ARIN through tough waters during his tenure on the board. It would be a tremendous loss to the organization, board, and the community as a whole, if Paul is not re-elected. I urge you to cast your ballot in support of Paul Andersen. Sincerely, Bill Sandiford

Author: Alyssa Moore

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 21:03 EDT I support Paul’s re-election to the Board of Trustees. I know him to be a strong contributor to ARIN and the wider internet community. I have worked with Paul in several settings. He always does his homework and comes prepared to tackle the issues of the day. This is a rare trait – especially in volunteer roles. He is a skilled facilitator of constructive discussion and isn’t afraid to tackle difficult issues. He has served the community well and been a champion for much of the positive change we have seen at ARIN during his chairmanship. Three more years!

Author: Michele Neylon

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 10:34 EDT I have known Paul both in the numbers community and the naming one for many years. He’s always shown himself to be an asset to any of the organisations which he has been involved with. In the case of ARIN Paul’s experience and style is of benefit to the both ARIN and its membership and to the broader numbers community. He is a fantastic ambassador for ARIN and I hope he continues to be for years to come.

Author: Merike Kaeo

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 11:02 EDT I am very happy to see Paul continue to want to serve the ARIN community as a member of the Board. In my 1 year appointment to the Board in 2017 I experienced first-hand Paul’s excellent leadership skills as chairman of the board. He is pragmatic, conscientious, patient and considerate but can be assertive when decisions need to come to closure. His experience with the RIR communities and CIRA board experience bring added value to the ARIN Board. I fully support his nomination.

Author: Martin Hannigan

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 13:02 EDT Everyone else wrote al the fluffy things that highlight how popular and helpful Paul is as an ARIN board member. +1, agree. Give him good consideration and give him a vote. Paul is good.

Author: Kathleen Hunter

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 13:33 EDT Paul is a an excellent choice for the Board and I’d like to continue to see him in this role. I entered the ARIN community 14 years ago and Paul has been both a pleasure to work with and has been an excellent source of support when I first entered the community and continues to do so. I hope to have many more working years with Paul.

Author: Matt Stein

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 14:13 EDT Paul has been a long standing member in the Canadian Service Provider community. He has long been involved with CNOC a trade organization that represents a bulk of the independent ISPs in Canada. Through his work at CNOC he has shown his skills both as an entrepreneur and also understand of Internet Policy issues. As the Chairman of CNOC, I greatly value Paul’s regular contributions to the Board. We at CNOC strongly encourage his return to the ARIN Board.

Author: Andrew Dul

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 14:17 EDT Paul has been a fully engaged board member and continues to actively serve the ARIN community. Paul as the current Chair has continued to enhance ARIN board’s efficiency and transparency. I fully support Paul’s reelection to to the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Jezzibell Gilmore

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 15:42 EDT Paul is a quiet and effective leader always with the greater good of the community in mind. He has in depth technical knowledge, and great business sense. Most importantly, Paul is fair, kind, and respectful of all others. Paul has my confidence and my vote to continue his leadership on the ARIN board!

Author: Robert Seastrom

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 17:07 EDT I’ve worked with Paul on ARIN and other projects for fifteen years. He is thoughtful and contemplative, always seeking to understand different positions on issues before him. He has my unreserved support for re-election to the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:33 EDT I have known, and worked with, Paul for eight years. Paul is passionate about Internet governance, and has a tremendous depth of both governance and technical knowledge. I urge you to vote for Paul!

Author: L Sean KENNEDY

Submitted: Friday 05 October 2018 18:50 EDT Paul has been an excellent Trustee and Chair for ARIN. He listens to the community, takes the time to represent ARIN in the larger network operator space, and follows through on his commitments. I encourage that you vote for him for in this ARIN election cycle.

Author: Michael Geist

Submitted: Saturday 06 October 2018 16:08 EDT I am a law professor at the University of Ottawa, where I hold the Canada Research Chair in Internet and E-commerce Law. I am pleased to provide a statement of support for Paul Anderson. I served together with Paul for many years on the board of the Canadian Internet Registration Authority. Paul was an exceptional chair. He provided great leadership for the organization and managed meetings effectively, ensuring that all board members were heard and crafting a good relationship between board and management. I am certain he would bring the same skills and vision to ARIN for the betterment of the Internet and the organization.

Author: Ben Lucier

Submitted: Tuesday 09 October 2018 09:15 EDT I sat with Paul on the TorIX board for several years. He was a great listener and consensus builder. I endorse the membership re-electing him to the ARIN Board.

Author: Matthew Gamble

Submitted: Tuesday 09 October 2018 09:34 EDT Paul Andersen represents the rare intersection of technical skill, business acumen, and strong leadership – a combination that makes him a tremendous asset to any organization that he serves. Having worked with Paul for the past several years I strongly believe that he is the right choice for the ARIN board and I wholeheartedly support his re-election.

Author: Gabriel Fried

Submitted: Tuesday 09 October 2018 14:42 EDT Paul is not only extremely capable in his role on the board of trustees but he actively seeks input from community members and is both a great source of new ideas as well as deeply interested in the various member businesses. I whole heartedly support him for another term.

Author: Steve Mothersell

Submitted: Wednesday 10 October 2018 21:24 EDT I have had the pleasure of working with Paul for many years. I look to him for guidance on technical matters, as well as business matters. He is a trusted resource and a valued partner.

Author: Mark Jeftovic

Submitted: Thursday 11 October 2018 15:05 EDT Mr. Andersen draws from a deep well of board level experience, both at ARIN and beyond. Combined with his experience as an executive with demonstrated technical competence, he ticks all the boxes for this position.

Cathy Chen-Rennie

Author: Marc Donner

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 09:09 EDT Cathy Chen-Rennie and I worked together for three years at Google. During that time we constructed the Infrastructure Networking organization out of bits and pieces of existing engineering groups. The resulting organization was responsible for a portfolio of internal products, databases, services, activities, and projects that supported the Network Operations organization in running Google’s internal data networks. In the time that Cathy and I worked together I found her to be both knowledgeable in the area of network technology, pragmatic and resourceful in dealing with organizational complexity, and unfailingly positive and optimistic in all of her interactions with colleagues. She was well-known and well-liked across the organization. When I needed to work with someone elsewhere in Google, and often outside, Cathy almost invariably knew them and could provide an introduction that resulted in a warm positive response to my request. Cathy’s personal warmth and wry sense of humor makes her a delight to collaborate with. I could not imagine a better person to serve on the ARIN board!

Author: James Krantz

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 15:16 EDT Cathy will be an outstanding Board member. I have worked with her for several years on the Board of the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems (CSGSS) in Boston. She has brought a wonderful blend of judgement, capabilities and great energy to her work in that role. Throughout she has worked to keep the “big picture” in mind while working on discrete issues. I was always so grateful, also, for her energetic willingness to take on tasks and responsibilities on behalf of the Board. When I was President, I always knew she would complete them with great competence, thoughtfulness, and sophistication. I’m confident that ARIN would be fortunate to have Cathy serve on its Board.

Author: Ronald Johnson

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 04:45 EDT I recently learned that Cathy was running for a position on the ARIN board. I want to take you back to the adolescent Internet, some 15 years ago, and my time with Cathy. Cathy came on board with my company in around 2003. The dot com bubble had burst and it was a time of consolidation. Management of IP address space was becoming a thing, as RFC-1918 had been around for a while, but now, the implementation was really starting to take hold. Cathy worked with me as a Network Engineer in a regional ISP in the Northwest US. At this time, it was pretty much me and Cathy as the top of the engineering staff that actually configured routers. I saw right away, that Cathy is a woman of many talents and the pure technical aspects of being a network engineer were not going to adequately encompass her abilities. So, after a couple of years with me she was recruited by Google. I feel Cathy is exceptionally suited to hold a position on the ARIN board, as she is honest and fair, and always seemed to propose the perfect solution to a problem. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Cathy. As I was the administrator of the IP address space for my company during this period, I had participated in a number of ARIN elections, and saw over the years the types of personalities that made for good board members. Cathy possesses the rare talent of being both technically gifted as well as being perfectly at ease in public speaking and management realms. If I still had a vote for ARIN board members I most certainly would be casting for Cathy. Ron Johnson Network Engineer

Author: Nupur Dave

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 18:56 EDT I know Cathy from Google. She is a wonderful person who has done some very impressive work in her organisation and she’s always been looked up to for advice and guidance.

Author: Sally Anderson

Submitted: Wednesday 12 September 2018 10:46 EDT I highly recommend Cathy Chen-Rennie for the ARIN Board of Directors. I have been Cathy’s people manager at Google for over a year, in our internal Organizational Development consultancy. Her super powers are systems thinking, team dynamics and coaching, all key skills that are valuable to any Board member. Cathy is also a constant learner, continuing to build her personal and professional toolkit. As someone who has sat on multiple boards (current: Society of Human Resources Managers), I know the dedication, skill set and diversity of thought that makes a good Board member. Cathy has all of these key ingredients to support ARIN’s mission and strategic goals, and while adding valuable gender diversity* to your already impressive Board of Directors. *A 2007 study reveals that the Fortune 500 with women Board Directors, outperform those without on their return on equity by 53%, return on sales by 42% and return on invested capital by 66% (based on average of 2001-2004 financials and 2001 and 2003 gender makeup of 520 Fortune 500 companies). Stronger than average results prevail for those companies with 3 or more female Board Directors. This link between female Board representation and performance holds across industries (e.g., pharma, healthcare, financial, IT, consumer and materials) (source: http://www.catalyst.org/knowledge/bottom-line-corporate-performance-and-womens-representation-boards).

Author: todd underwood

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 09:10 EDT I have worked with Cathy since the year ~2000 (when she worked for New Edge Networks and I was working at AS2901 in New Mexico), and have worked adjacent to each other at Google off and on for almost 10 years, including working closely together on an important internal infrastructure development project. Cathy has a breadth of experience that is uncommon in our industry, ranging from network engineering, engineering management, project/program management and product management. She is an accomplished coach, trainer and communicator. And Cathy uses all of this skill and experience to get things done. She has been a substantive addition to every group I’ve seen her join. The ARIN community would be lucky to have her.

Author: Martin Hannigan

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 19:13 EDT I have known Cathy Chen-Rennie for more than 15 years. She is technical. She has worked in many capacities in network operations and engineering throughout her career. She has a wide range of experience. Cathy has spent time in small and large organizations alike. She is flexible. Cathy has held multiple roles in her career from implementation engineer to chief of staff. She also has attributes that are complementary to a board, especially one like this. She shines in volunteerism. Cathy has founded and volunteered in non profits that have not only been helpful to technical communities, her coaching activities, but to living things, her animal rehab efforts. For me, it adds a beautiful veneer to the technical and leadership expectations we generally have in our community. I am happily endorsing Cathy for the ARIN Board and hope if you read this you will too. With your vote. Good luck, Cathy!

Author: Sylvie LaPerriere

Submitted: Friday 28 September 2018 15:43 EDT I fully endorse Ms. Cathy Chen for ARIN Trustee. Here is why she is the ideal candidate to help ARIN navigate change and ambiguity. Cathy comes from a strong technical background (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) and has progressed her career in Networking from 1994 - 2006, and again 2010-2014 with roles ranging from network engineer, deployment engineer, network operations manager, peering manager and product manager for network software development tools. She has a proven technical ability, having fulfilled many different roles, but more importantly she has proven her agility in learning new technology and working with different groups of people, constituents, stakeholders, while creating relationships and generally getting stuff done. She has remarkable personal and people strengths that will prove invaluable on the ARIN Board to navigate ambiguity and tough decisions. Cathy is: A great listener, balancing points of view to find consensus and move forward; Skilled at facilitating productive conversations (recognized trainer and facilitator) to resolve conflicts, and at navigating group dynamics and ambiguity; A leader with the courage to make tough decisions; Motivated by <doing the right thing>; Has the technical depth to grasp and navigate technological change. Cathy brings business acumen and non-profit governance experience to the board. She started and sold multiple companies, served on non-profit boards (CSGSS.org, two local arts organizations) and fund raised. What truly sets Cathy apart as a strong Trustee candidate is are her people-skills. She brings energy, presence and engagement in a room. With her technical background and business and non-profit track record, she will fulfil the Trustee position brilliantly. Respectfully, Sylvie

Author: Vinton Cerf

Submitted: Saturday 29 September 2018 04:43 EDT Cathy Chen-Rennie has an excellent reputation for her technical work at Google. The endorsements from work colleagues illustrate her capacity for systems-style thinking which will be useful at ARIN as IPv4 and IPv6 address dynamics continue to shift. I have no doubt that she will bring the same thoughtful practices to her role as an ARIN board member and strongly endorse her candidacy.

Author: David Siegel

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 16:52 EDT I’ve known Cathy for many, many years and know that her intelligence, perspective, and thoughtful approach would be a great addition to the ARIN board.

Author: Louie Lee

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 13:03 EDT Cathy & I have worked together in several different capacities over the years, and she has always shown herself to be a completely capable, honest, and forthright individual. She brings an operational viewpoint that will serve the community well. Also, her experience in international circles along with her collaborative nature are extremely valuable on the world stage as the five RIRs work together to manage the single shared IP registry. I hope that the community members understand the wonderful opportunity we have with Cathy and support her candidacy.

Peter Harrison

Author: Richard Chin

Submitted: Tuesday 04 September 2018 04:05 EDT I have known Peter since crossing paths at University with him and later as our careers intertwined multiple times over the decades. Peter has so many characteristics which have made him a success in his many endeavors over the years but the one that clearly stands out is his dogged determination to finish any task he sets himself. I believe the word is “grit” because when so many others will quit and go seek an easier path, time and time again , i have seen Peter continue down a sometimes lonely road to that distance objective many of which had no financial or material gain. That brings me to another sterling quality that i have found in Peter, whom i am proud to call both a friend and inspiration. Peter is someone who truly enjoys and believes in giving back to his community in ways both personal and professionally. I would fully endorse and support Peter’s appointment to the ARIN board, based both on my personal knowledge of his expertise and grasp of Networking issues (local and global) and also as a person with a deep and long standing interest in the issues of representing the Caribbean and Latin American region and their interest in the global forums.

Author: Rohan Mallett

Submitted: Tuesday 04 September 2018 09:03 EDT I am an active beneficiary of the kindness and commitment of Mr Harrison. The University of Technology, Jamaica of which I am an employee are proud to be associated with this philanthropist. My computing and Linux skills have been greatly improved since meeting Peter. In collaboration with him and with our almost weekly online meetings, we are have started to change the Information Technology environment at the University. Without a doubt I believe in Mr Peter Harrison is the face of change and is one of the most optimistic persons I have ever met. I therefore, unreservedly declare my support .

Author: Ben Coughlin

Submitted: Wednesday 05 September 2018 12:57 EDT I write to highly recommend that Peter Harrison be elected to the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. Peter’s vast IT and networking expertise across multiple geographies and systems, along with his incredibly hard-working and consistent demeanor, will benefit ARIN tremendously. He is a dedicated, sharp, and capable leader and I know he would love to help provide support and guidance to ARIN.

Author: Matthew Stone

Submitted: Wednesday 05 September 2018 16:29 EDT His record speaks for itself, a devout and passionate person leading the charge on helping to improve and provide exposure for software development in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean.

Author: Kevin White

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 00:52 EDT I have had the pleasure to have collaborated with Peter Harrison for almost two years with Palisadoes Foundation. His unwavering dedication to excellence has been a motivation for me. I have seen this desire and drive most evident in his professional life. He has worked hard and smart, I strongly believe he will make an excellent addition to the board of trustees. Peter is a mentor, a friend, and an upright man.

Author: Sean Holzknecht

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 17:23 EDT I have known Peter Harrison for seventeen years. First as co-workers, then friends and now business partners. Peter’s academic, technical and professional accomplishments are well documented in the questionnaire section below. For those who have never met Peter, he has the rare ability to operate at a high level, under pressure, while remaining incredibly calm and enjoyable to be around. His instinct is to solve problems, not place blame. Peter is tenacious. He has a great sense of humor and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He is a great collaborator, who loves to help others and give back. His work as the Chairman and President of the Palisadoes Foundation is a great example. He has a big heart and cares deeply about the people of Jamaica and the Caribbean region. I highly recommend Peter for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. He will represent ARIN well and you will love working with him!

Author: Anthony Hannah

Submitted: Friday 07 September 2018 19:33 EDT I am extremely please to learn that Peter Harrison is a candidate for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. We were colleagues in our work at Google, and remain friends to this day. I wish to offer my support for Peter and confirm he has proven his exemplary knowledge and leadership abilities in all our work together constructing and maintaining the Google Technical Infrastructure worldwide. In addition, I’ve long been impressed by Peter’s extracurricular activities with a number of non-profit organizations. We’ve ovten discussed his strategies for working with the Palisadoes Foundation. It’s one of many such examples where I’d like to be more like Peter. To conclude, I think Peter will be a tremendous asset to ARIN, and thus to all of us who depend on and benefit from on a well managed world wide Internet. Let’s please add his name to the luminous list of preceding Trustees such as Scott Bradner, John Curran, Kim Hubbard, Don Telage, Randy Bush, Raymundo Vega Aguilar, and the patron saint Jon Postel!

Author: KG Charles-Harris

Submitted: Friday 07 September 2018 22:10 EDT Born in Jamaica and with wide experience from the Caribbean, Peter is a deeply experienced and brilliant technologist with a fundamental commitment to improving the situation of people across the globe. In this missive, the focus will be on his experience with non-profit and community based organizing. Peter has extensive experience volunteering during disasters, such Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, and others in the Caribbean. His engineering and technical expertise is enhanced by his ability and desire to roll-up his sleeves and work with non-glamorous projects (in or out of the technology arena), when he sees that this will make a difference for constituents. Most recently, Peter founded the Palisadoes Foundation, a not for profit that works with computer science students in the Caribbean to ensure that they graduate from their institutions with internationally desirable skills. Unfortunately this is necessary as institutions of higher learning in the area are largely bogged down due to a lack of resources and hamstrung by crippling bureaucracy. Peter found a way to cut through all the limitations through collaboration with students and other stakeholders across institutions, and has created a community that has initiated, and successfully run, a program that ensures that graduates are attractive for the top businesses and organizations in their local areas, and some have even been hired by the likes of Google and Über. In addition, as a founder of several technology companies, the latest being Quarrio (natural language interface to data sources that enables anyone to access information through simple natural conversations), Peter has been an invaluable advisor and collaborator in many areas, including funding, strategy, technology approaches (from UX to chip & network infrastructure). I believe that he will be a valuable member of your Board of Trustees and recommend him highly.

Author: Tricia Tsai

Submitted: Friday 07 September 2018 22:20 EDT I’ve known Peter for many years, and worked with him at two past companies, including most notably, Netflix. At Netflix, and prior to cloud services, Peter led the efforts to build out Netflix’s video streaming network. His technical acumen and work experiences speak for itself, however, it’s his leadership abilities and qualities that best suit him for this Board position. Peter is a strategic thinker, constantly looking for ways to improve process and experiences while maintaining extremely high levels of integrity and fairness. He is also a great “people person” who leads by example, takes the care and time to listen, and relates to people very well. Compassionate, hardworking, thoughtful, smart, creative, diligent, and innovative, are just a few words to describe Peter. I have no doubt Peter would be a huge value add to this Board.

Author: Sean Thorpe

Submitted: Friday 07 September 2018 23:07 EDT Peter Harrison is a man of very high integrity and highly committed to the development of ICT education within the Caribbean region. I met Peter in my capacity as Department Head of the School of Computing and Information Technology at the University of Technology , Jamaica for which the University of Technology and the University of West Indies together received the equivalent of over US$100,000 in servers and network switches to boost the capacity of project labs and curriculum within the two Universities since 2017. In my current capacity as President of the Jamaica Computer society(JCS) I am honored to have Peter as one of my advisers and mentors on some of the opportunities that can help to grow JCS both as a national and diaspora organization and do know that several members of the current executive of my JCS team endorse this position. . The Caribbean need more persons like Peter to assist with respect of the development of initiatives that will help to promote and grow the efforts of ICT development within this region. Hence as such I put 100% support behind Peter as the region’s next ARIN ambassador and I am very confident that he will continue to make the region proud by way of this type of contribution

Author: Yuri Desyatnik

Submitted: Saturday 08 September 2018 00:41 EDT I have been fortunate enough to have known Peter since our time as colleagues at Google. From the first days of working with him, it was apparent that he is a leader of unique caliber, incredible intellect and vision. Coupled with these leadership attributes, Peter has a back-bone of solid engineering skill-sets and experience. Peter loves technology, and mixes his leadership activities with hands-on engineering when needed. Peter has impeccable integrity, kindness and a giving nature, when combined with his other qualities, make him an empowering addition to any team or effort. I am honored to have him as a friend. On a personal level, Peter is real. Someone you can quickly trust, and work with to achieve anything. I strongly recommend Peter for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. I would work with him again in a heartbeat, and you will see why, if you choose him.

Author: Orandi Harris

Submitted: Saturday 08 September 2018 09:04 EDT I wholeheartedly recommend and support Peter Harrison as he is a man with a vision and positive energy that can help to change the world.

Author: Ken Florance

Submitted: Saturday 08 September 2018 14:45 EDT I have known Peter since 2000 and worked with him at both NaviSite and Netflix. In both positions, Peter was responsible for overall network architecture and operations. At Netflix, Peter designed and built the original CDN network to enable the launch of streaming in 2007. This included a comprehensive interconnection strategy, obtaining and managing the requisite IPv4 address blocks, building and operating a sophisticated nationwide network (including anycast), etc. Peter’s years of experience with scale internet architecture will allow him to be of great service to the network community as a member of the ARIN board of trustees. In addition to his experience and technical expertise, Peter is a compassionate and wise human being, capable of having a broad perspective on complex issues. He’s a good listener, clear and concise in his communication and, in my experience, his presence elevates the capability of any group or team in which he participates. I highly recommend Peter for this role. Ken Florance Vice President, Content Delivery Netflix

Author: Larkland Morley

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 03:18 EDT I have known Peter since working with him at Fiscal Services Ltd, Jamaica which was commissioned by the government to modernize IT services for servicing the citizens of Jamaica. Peter was always at the forefront of learning new technologies which was very helpful on several networking projects we embarked on. One example was commissioning a nationwide WAN infrastructure for the National Water Commission. This involved strategic planning led by Peter and working with local service providers to ensure the best Service Level Agreements (SLAs) available at the time. Over the years, Peter has evolved specially to serve the community and giving back. For example, he is now actively driving the Palisadoes Foundation which helps Jamaican Computer Studies students to find meaningful summer projects that would ultimately provide them sound career foundations. I am fully supporting and endorsing Peter’s appointment to the ARIN board based on knowing him personally over 20+ years as well as his strong expertise and knowledge of networking. I must also say that he is very patriotic to the Caribbean and Latin American region. This is not just about him wanting a position but there is tangible evidence of his work within the region in recent years. I am confident, he would use this position to advance the interest of the region and I am looking forward to his contribution on the board and being able to raise the interest of the region within all available global forums.

Author: Crystian Ioppolo

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 08:43 EDT I have the distinct pleasure of volunteering under Peter’s leadership in the Palisadoes Foundation. Over these past two years, I have seen Peter expand the foundation’s impact and seen his determination break barriers for us. Our chief program, the Calico Challenge, has provided 12 Jamaican students with an internship which gives them the critical, professional coding experience they need to enter the working world successfully. Peter has worked hard to earn donors’ support and to ensure that each student gets quality mentorship. When he sees an opportunity to help Jamaica’s IT students, he seizes it. He is constantly reaching out to professors, Jamaican companies, and students to find out what they need and how Palisadoes can help. For example, he arranged the donation of servers to two Jamaican universities and provided Linux server training to university support staff. He also works with the Jamaica Computer Society to provide advice and guidance as they work to expand their network in California. These statements help to quantify what Peter has done through his leadership of the Palisadoes Foundation. However, I must point out that his true impact is beyond what I can list. Peter has been an example, a mentor, and a friend to all of the Palisadoes volunteers and Calico’s students. His passion for helping Jamaica through technology creation and education is contagious. His knowledge of and fascination for computers and technology is equally impactful to his team. Further, he inspires others to pursue similar great feats, whether it be starting a non-profit, pursuing entrepreneurship, or simply learning a new coding language. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that ARIN will benefit from Peter’s presence on the board.

Author: Ben Segura

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 12:07 EDT Peter has my endorsement and full support. Peter and I share a dream of a connected planet. With all people someday having access to the internet in an unimpeded sense, everyone will have a platform in which to have their voice heard. As Peter points out in his bio, I confirm that he has a wealth of experience that goes far beyond ARIN’s boarders - and straight into the hearts of the struggling entrepreneurs abroad. Peter creates opportunity for those who are willing to work toward bettering their community while paying forward the opportunities he was given. “Fairness and equality with responsibility” would be the best soundbite to describe Peter. As a senior program manager for Google, he was frugal when it came to spending money - even though no one at Google was asking for frugality from a system that was designed to scale to millions of subscribers. Peter is also very thorough. When he and his team built the video system for Google Fiber, Peter ensured that people who came after him could manage what he had built - full documentation of connections, server assignments, application assignments, power circuits, and instructions on managing the system were all part of his deliverable - and no one requested such detail from him, it is just part of his nature. I mention the preceding qualities as I have had first hand experience with getting number assignments from ARIN - and “fairness and equality with responsibility” is exactly the charge of this organization. As you are probably aware, many businesses that are asking for number assignments frequently ask for more than they need - or are unwilling to move addresses together into blocks or switch to IPv6. Peter would be a great board member to set the guidelines by which numbers are assigned, recovered, and subdivided as we enter a period with the greatest IPv4 scarcity ever. Peter is also a great judge of talent and a great teacher - he and would be excellent at resource development as well as the organization expands.

Author: Carlton SAMUELS

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 15:05 EDT Peter Harrison came to my attention several years ago from voluntary work he started to see to rounded graduates in computer science from our local universities. That was at a time when the market was telling us our graduates were leaving with great knowledge of content but little in the way of practical hand-on experience. He began working to fix that because he cared about the generations of talent we were producing not just for ourselves but for the global business. His reputation as a doer and someone who with strategic thinking capacities was cemented by others I know and trust for decades, persons with whom I have competed as a business professional and others who I have mentored and worked for me. His commitment to knowledge generation and preparing the next batch of Jamaican talent for technology-based professions is unquestioned. I share his commitment to Caribbean development in general and our greater participation in the networking sphere and the global information economy. His continued quest to give back deserves our support. I unhesitatingly support his nomination and selection for the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Simone French

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 02:57 EDT Peter Harrison has shown great commitment through his ongoing work with the Jamaica Computer Society , the University of the West Indies and University of Technologyv here in Jamaica. He has great energy and drive and excels at finding solutions to the many challenges that might otherwise prevent his goals beng achieved. The Calico Project has created opportunities for young Jamaican computer science students that would otherwise have not existed. The creation of the Calico Project demonstrates his vsion, patience, ability to plan and execute and to enlist others to a higher cause. He has my firm endorsement as candidate for this position

Author: Chris Hillios

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 11:42 EDT I have known Peter for a number of years and believe that he will be an outstanding member of ARIN’s Board of Trustees. Peter has shown not only great technical expertise over the years but has also provided great leadership amongst his peers and teams. While Peter and I worked together his input and oversight on projects continually showed that he had the ability to be extremely technical while keeping the larger picture in focus. Peter’s work on expanding internet and his work with non-profits organization’s is a reflection of his character. I fully endorse Peter’s candidacy to the Board of Trustees at ARIN.

Author: Todd Ridgway

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 16:36 EDT Peter is intelligent, dedicated, compassionate and thoughtful person. His credentials would be enough to fully endorse his election to the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. Peter’s contributions to numerous communities (professional and per personal) coupled with his ethical foundation and drive make him the ideal Board member. I strongly endorse Mr. Harrison.

Author: Nupur Dave

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 18:55 EDT I’ve worked with Peter at Google and he’s been super enthusiastic and very encouraging. He’s a great mentor too!

Author: Maria Myers Hamilton

Submitted: Monday 10 September 2018 19:41 EDT It is with great pleasure that I, Maria Myers-Hamilton nominate Peter Harris to be a member of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN) Board of Trustees, 2018. I have known Peter for over twenty (20) years when the concept of “Internet of Things” was merely a thought. Over our professional engagement, he has demonstrated exemplary work ethics complimented with sound business strategy – undoubtedly a natural leader. His natural leadership qualities are illustrated by his passion to serve and to give back to his homeland – in one of his many ventures, the Palisadoes Foundation (he is the co-founder), an entity that seeks to sponsor student internships in software development. This foundation provides an opportunity to some youth who may have possibly never have had that chance to travel the path to attainment. Peter’s accomplishments involve many presentations, publications, and work completed in the ICT space, and when asked about his achievements, his answer would be “..its just a part of what I do” Peter’s curriculum vita illustrates the magnitude of his achievements, but Peter’s commitment goes well beyond the print. The many lives touched through his work and continue to be influenced by his input – this can only be described as admirable. Finally, as an avid team player, I believe that Peter would definitely be that person who will work collectively in ensuring that ARIN continues to achieve its primary mission: “….supports the operation of the Internet through the management of Internet number resources throughout its service region; coordinates the development of policies by the community for the management of Internet Protocol number resources, and advances the Internet through informational outreach..”

Author: Behruz Nassre-Esfahani

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 03:38 EDT I am extremely pleased to learn that Peter Harrison is a candidate for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. Peter worked in my team at shopping.com responsible for all of our network and data center activities. He brought his wealth of knowledge to the task was able to scale our infrastructure as well as work on a complex data center migration. I believe his domain expertise, as well as great judgment and work ethics, will be a great addition to the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Tennyson Williams

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 12:46 EDT Mr Peter Harrison should be considered as an OUTSTANDING addition to the AIN board. I found him to be a go getter, and bottom line focused. He uses great strategic thinking and surround himself with individuals that will add value to get things done. I was directly exposed to his visionary outlook and tenacity as we formulated the Palisados Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization designed to being a higher level of technological thinking to the well deserving students on the island of Jamaica. A few of the Foundations accomplishments are: - The Calico Challenge - The donation of computer equipment to UWI and UTech - Customized Linux server training for university support staff - Advisory services for the Jamaica Computer Society I strongly support the 2018 Board of Trustee position for Peter Harrison.

Author: Jacqueline Morris

Submitted: Thursday 13 September 2018 02:19 EDT Peter and I were at University together. He was always committed fully to whatever he took on. He has gone on to both be extremely good at what he does, while doing a lot of good in the world. One of the major issues in the IG world right now is a lack of diversity. However, that doesn’t mean we need to take on just anyone purely for the sake of such. Peter is immensely skilled, and also brings a Caribbean perspective to ARIN, which serves the majority of the English Speaking Caribbean. So in Peter, I’d say ARIN is getting a twofer! But seriously, I believe that Peter will be an incredible asset to the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Javon Davis

Submitted: Friday 14 September 2018 01:04 EDT I have know Peter for about 5 years now, we met when I was the VP of the Computing Society during my final year at the University of the West Indies(UWI), Mona Campus. We connected on the common objective of increasing the involvement in tech at the university and helping students gain valuable skills and experience through open source programs. Since then I’ve been both a participant and mentor of the Calico project and a personal mentee of Peter, this experience has helped me land interviews and job offers from some of the top companies in the industry such as Google, Apple, Lyft and the one I currently work for now as a Software Engineer, Automattic. I also currently serve as an Adjunct Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science at the UWI and can verify that Peter’s valuable donation of hardware from his data center has helped the department to give students more hands on experience on what they’ll be doing in practice and the department has appreciated this along with his continued involvement by providing customized Linux server training for university support staff, internships through the Palisadoes Foundation and open source work through the Calico project. Personally Peter has supported me when, as a young Jamaican who’s been fortunate to visit Silicon Valley for tech interviews by taking time to introduce me to various areas in the city and connected me to a number of people in the industry to help advance my career, knowledge and in turn empowered me to do the same for more young Jamaican students who I’ve been able to share my experiences with and encourage them to excel in the field. With that said I fully endorse Peter’s appointment to the ARIN’s board of Trustees as I am confident he will be of immense value to the board and organization.

Author: Maurice Dean

Submitted: Friday 14 September 2018 01:50 EDT Peter Harrison will bring many key facets to the ARIN Board: a vast & successful experience building highly complex Datacenter, Internetwork, & IP based media platforms demonstrating his technical depth and organizational capability; a proven capacity for thoughtful leadership and industry insight which made him the ideal person to identify & then drive needed innovation in the Datacenter industry as Co-founder and CTO of Colovore; and his personal qualities - approachability, high integrity, honesty, & bias toward a refreshing earnest yet sincere diplomatic approach. I had the pleasure of working with Peter at Google most closely on Google Fiber TV where I was Product Manager & Peter took ownership of the overall program that included building a Datacenter, installing satellite dishes & IP based TV headend, developing a Multicast WAN as well as integration with in-home STBs. Most importantly he managed to bring a very diverse set of needs and expectations into a cohesive understanding of how to run a highly visible business area.

Author: vish yelsangikar

Submitted: Friday 14 September 2018 12:41 EDT I have known Peter for more than 15 years both professionally and personally. I am submitting my statement of support to Peter for the 2018 Board of Trustees position that he is contesting. He will be a perfect fit for this based on the qualities that Peter has. He is technically pretty strong. Has good management skills. His interpersonal skills are great and on top of that he is a good mentor with awesome communication skills. He was always there for any help that I wanted when we worked together at Netflix. A soft spoken person, but not to be taken for granted, Peter has a personality that attracts everybody towards him. I highly recommend Peter for 2018 Board of Trustees position. I hope people responsible for electing for this position, understand his strengths and elect him.

Author: sheldon powe

Submitted: Friday 14 September 2018 13:17 EDT Peter has been a though leader in technology for decades and he willing shares his knowledge with others in abundance. Peter started the Palisadoes Foundation where every summer he employs youths in Jamaica and mentor then to complete projects that are of benefit to Jamaica. He would serve you well as a Trustee

Author: Jacinth Morgan Collie

Submitted: Friday 14 September 2018 17:21 EDT Mr. Peter Harrison approached JPS Foundation in 2016 with an innovative and impactful opportunity to participate in the Palisadoes Foundation Calico Challenge. The decision to accept was become a partner was indeed a fulfilling one. This would have been my first experience with Peter. The business relationship blossomed as he continuously created partnership opportunities for our entity and allowed us the opportunity to help develop young minds in the sector. Mr. Harrison’s life, so far, is in itself a motivational piece for Jamaicans aspiring to excel in technology, philanthropy and life itself. Mr. Harrison’s contribution to the world of technology has broken boundaries and I fully endorse him being selected as a Board Trustee. Jacinth Morgan Collie Manager, JPS Foundation Jamaica Public Service Company Limited

Author: Mae Chan

Submitted: Saturday 15 September 2018 22:47 EDT Peter and I have worked together in the past in a few companies. He was my manager at Netflix as we were building the CDN network when streaming was just coming into play for Netflix. As the Network Manager, he led many strategic and difficult technology discussions during that period. I feel proud to have had the opportunity to experience that journey with Peter. He is diligent in following through to every detail, always finding solutions when things seemed insurmountable or difficult. We’ve kept in touch through the years, and he’s taken on the passion of his non-profit of advancing students in Jamaica through computer science and technology. Humbly he helps them through his connections and provides opportunities that would otherwise be hard to imagine, while at the same time he runs his own company. I know if elected Peter would apply the same passion to ARIN to help bring things forward.

Author: Gunjan Mansingh

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 11:06 EDT I met Peter a few years ago and his spirit of getting involved and interacting with academics and students without any direct benefit to him is quite commendable. Through the Palisadoes foundation’s Calico challenge he has gotten the students at the University of West Indies involved in several Open source projects. I know that they benefited tremendously from this experience. Last year he donated servers to the department. He continues to provide an industry link for both students and academics in the department. With his technical knowledge and his capacity to build relationships he would be an excellent choice for this position. Dr. Gunjan Mansingh Head, Department of Computing The University of the West Indies Jamaica

Author: Dayne Robinson

Submitted: Wednesday 19 September 2018 10:54 EDT I have had the distinct pleasure of working closely with Peter Harrison through the Palisadoes Foundation. Peter is passionate about this organization that provides a path for students to gain world class experience and exposure in the technology industry, hence developing skills that make them global employees. Peter is dedicated to whatever endeavor he undertakes and readily motivates others who work with him to aim for excellence. Peter has displayed these attributes throughout his academic and professional career and has often found himself in positions to influence and lead others. There is no doubt that Peter will make a positive contribution when appointed to the board of trustees.

Author: Mike Kelley

Submitted: Wednesday 19 September 2018 12:17 EDT I met Peter way back in 2000, he ran Network Engineering for our west coast operations at NaviSite. As many others have professed, Peter’s technical proficiency with scale internet infrastructure will enable him to be of great service to our networking community as a member of the ARIN Board of Trustees. On a personal level, I found Peter to be not just an outstanding leader, but a tremendous human being as well. His decades of tireless involvement with various non-profit organizations illustrates that for Peter, this has been a lifelong calling. I cannot imagine a better qualified individual, personally or professionally, for appointment to the ARIN Board of Trustees. I fully support his candidacy and hope you will as well.

Author: Collette Bailey

Submitted: Wednesday 19 September 2018 23:10 EDT I have had the pleasure of knowing Peter Harrison for several years in his capacity as the President of the Palisadoes Organization. We were first introduced while I was at the Project Chair of the IEEE Student Branch University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH) as he was seeking local volunteers to help plan and execute the Calico Challenge, the Organization’s staple project. During a talk he held with students of the university, he spoke of his vision for Jamaica and his journey; I was so moved by his determination and dedication to the advancement of youth of Jamaica, specifically within the field of computing, that even after being rejected for the 2015 run of the Calico Challenge I stayed as a volunteer. During the 3 fulfilling years I spent as a volunteer I have grown to know Peter more as a mentor and friend, a selfless family-oriented philanthropist constantly seeking to better the world around him. I have assisted and watched him host workshops connecting Jamaican youths to executives in the Silicon Valley area; providing training on Linux servers to university support staff as well as donating computer equipment to the University of the West Indies (UWI) and University of Technology, Jamaica (UTECH); speaking at a conference hosted by the Jamaica Computer Society (JCS), as well as providing advisory services for the JCS. I strongly believe that any capacity he is placed in he will be a valuable asset. It is my pleasure to declare my support for Peter Harrison for the ARIN Board of Trustees for 2018. Collette Bailey, Project Coordinator

Author: Bobby Meneses

Submitted: Tuesday 25 September 2018 18:14 EDT I had the benefit of work with Peter from 2006-2008 at Netflix. During that time were focused on launching a new “watch now” feature to the Netflix Service. Peter lead the effort to build the CDN that enabled the launch of Netflix streaming in 2007. During my time work with Peter, I found him to be insightful, creative, and passionate about networks and the internet. Peter brings positivity and value to any team or organization he participates in and would be a great addition to the ARIN Board of Trustees. We have continued to stay connected through the years, and I value his consultation and perspectives. Bobby Meneses Director, Network Deployment Netflix

Author: Stephen Lee

Submitted: Wednesday 26 September 2018 11:14 EDT I met Peter earlier this year when he reached out to the Caribbean Network Operators Group (CaribNOG) with an interest in becoming more involved in the community. I quickly discovered that Peter has the character, experience, knowledge and perspectives to be a valuable contributor to the regional technical community, given the alignment of his beliefs with the mission of the NOG. A clear example of this is his work with the non-profit Palisadoes Foundation, which reflects a genuine commitment to systematically sharing knowledge and providing developmental opportunities for students. I recently had occasion to receive unsolicited feedback on this when I interacted with faculty from the University of Technology in Jamaica. Peter was referenced as someone who made a real positive impact on the institution and its students. With his clear understanding of Internet issues, experience in the non-profit space, and a commitment to empowering the community through technology, I believe that the ARIN community and organization would be in excellent hands with Peter on the Board of Trustees. I wholeheartedly endorse his candidacy.

Author: Harikrishna Patadiya

Submitted: Wednesday 26 September 2018 13:56 EDT I have had the privilege to work with Peter Harrison for over a year at Colovore, the company he co-founded. Over the course of the project, which is still ongoing, Peter has demonstrated stunning technical abilities and leadership for the business. His acumen for understanding the little details and the big picture simultaneously sets his apart. I have worked with him on the migration of the cooling system controls on a live data center. He has shown understanding not only in his area of expertise but also in all relevant areas of the business. He is truly ready and willing to learn at all times. I can especially think of one specific instance where our company proposed implementing a new SCADA system for the cooling system controls. Although he was unfamiliar with the system at first, he researched the technology, learned the various ins and outs of the product, and even created a separate, decoupled alarm management and monitoring system. The development of this system demonstrated his ability to learn. He has earned the respect of his co-workers, vendors, and customers through his work ethic. I proudly support Peter Harrison for this candidacy and I am unequivocally certain that his presence would be beneficial to ARIN. Harikrishna Patadiya Machatronics and Process Controls Engineer Process Systems Division | Therma Services LLC | San Jose, CA

Author: Gerard Best

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 14:39 EDT I met Peter Harrison at the 2018 Caribbean Peering and Interconnection Forum in Belize City on June 5 to 6, where he made a brief presentation to an audience that included various network operators and Internet Exchange Point coordinators from across the region. He spoke eloquently about Colovore, the Silicon Valley based colocation services provider of which he is a founder and the chief technical officer. But I took note that he was equally passionate when he spoke about the Palisadoes Foundation, the registered non-profit which he founded in January 2016 to give Jamaican students a better opportunity to gain meaningful experience solving real-world problems right at the start of their young professional careers. Through my continued interactions with Peter, I have found that he appreciates the need to balance global and commercial Internet development imperatives with specific and unique Caribbean development considerations. I believe that the ARIN membership and leadership would do well to welcome him onto the Board of Trustees. I have no reservation in endorsing his candidacy. Gerard Best Development Journalist Executive Editor, SightLine Media

Author: Bartlett Morgan

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 18:24 EDT I believe that organisations operate at their best when their leadership represents the entirety of their members. A vote for Peter Harrison achieves this end. A Caribbean man who will bring his unique perspective to the Board. Beyond this, his CV is absolutely unparalleled. A most worthy candidate in my humble view.


Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 21:54 EDT I was working with Peter at SHOPPING.COM (eBay) and he is one of the best managers I have ever had. Peter is a broad-minded person with deep and practical proficiency. Forward thinking, creative, with an expert level knowledge for a wide variety of technologies. A person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks will be completed in a systematic and precise way. Great strategist, and goal oriented expert. It’s amazing to work with such a person. His expertise and dedication makes Peter to view solutions instead of problems. Peter is one of those rare managers with a balance of people, and exceptional technical skills. He is a true leader, and it was a privilege to work with him.

Author: Jamilia Crooks

Submitted: Friday 28 September 2018 19:00 EDT The N.C.B. Foundation is a proud associate of Mr. Peter Harrison through our support/sponsorship of the Palisadoes Foundation’s Calico Challenge 2018. The Calico Challenge gives Jamaican software engineering students the tools they need to be global contributors and entrepreneurs through a mentored internship developing open source software. We at N.C.B. Foundation greatly admire this initiative as it aligns with our goal to further the education and exposure of all Jamaican students. Additionally, Information Technology is also a strategic focus of our Foundation and it is great to see Mr. Harrison spearheading this programme as it provides mentorship and experience to Jamaican students interested in this field. Suffice it to say, we fully support and recommend Peter’s appointment to the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Stacy Brown-Philpot

Submitted: Friday 28 September 2018 21:32 EDT Peter and I worked together at Google in the early 2000s. During that time he was a strong advocate for diversity and inclusion. As part of the Black Googler Network he helped extend the power of our reach to impact more communities. Specifically, he led the coordination of a trip to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina to support the rebuild efforts in the city. Throughout this process he kept us motivated, organized and inspired to make a difference. It was a pleasure to serve alongside him.

Author: Alexander Nicholson

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 20:49 EDT I worked with Peter from 2015 to 2017 while conceptualizing, launching and expanding the Palisadoes Foundation’s first project, Calico. At the time I served on the board of the University of the West Indies Mona Computing Society, and then as a mentor for Calico. During our interactions including deliberation, fundraising and PR activities, I experienced nothing but a predilection for empathetic cooperation and communication, regardless of whether the audience included executives, students or university administration. In retrospect I am impressed by how Peter inspired not only ownership and investment in the Palisadoes Foundation’s vision in as many people as he did, but also the action required to take steps towards that vision. I am confident in Peter’s ability to be a dependable steward of any mandate he is devoted to, including that of the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Richard Woodham

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 21:04 EDT I have known Peter since high school. He was always an exemplary student and, as evidenced by his life long achievements, an exemplary professional adult. I had the great opportunity of working with Peter back in Jamaica at Fiscal Services LTD., the tax authority of the government of Jamaica. We spent many long hours together and developed quite a friendship. His tenacity and attention to detail along with his natural technical genius consistently set him apart from his peers. I was always impressed with his leadership, patience when teaching others as well as his gentle demeanor. I highly endorse Peter’s nomination to the board and wish him great success on this new challenge.

Author: Jordan Jones

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 23:17 EDT I have had the pleasure of working with Peter and the Palisadoes Foundation for the past 5 years, I met him through my faculty-student representative during my time at the University of Technology, Jamaica at the time. He has been a trusted friend and advisor and possesses an unwavering determination and meticulousness towards any endeavour that he undertakes. I proudly declare my support for Peter Harrison for the ARIN Board of Trustees for 2018. Jordan Jones, Palisadoes Foundation Mentor


Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 08:35 EDT I have known Peter through a working relationship at Colovore. He has an passion for innovation and technology. His knowledge and intellect exceeds most people I have met. His involvement and dedication not only for technology but sincere kindness for helping others shows through his involvement in our community and across the globe. I strongly recommend Peter for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Paul Standridge

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 11:49 EDT We strongly endorse and recommend Peter’s interests in becoming a board of trustee member of ARIN. They would be blessed to have him. The hardest working man I know! Not only does he hold down his position as co-founder of a thriving Data Center, his charitable work he does for the Caribbean Community is unrivaled. Peter is an incredibly disciplined individual who has impeccable integrity. I found this to be the case in working directly with him over the last (3) years on a daily basis. Peter is tough as nails, but has always been firm and fare with us often finding a fair compromise to any issue that may arise with this complex operation. He has also been willing to accept new ideas and out of the box concepts that are often very risky, however they are calculated risks that he collaborates with his partner Sean to find the right compromise. Please consider Peter and your rewards will be bountiful! Sincerely, Paul Standridge Project Manager Therma LLC


Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 11:56 EDT I had the pleasure of working with Peter for a number of years while at Navisite. Peter was always the consummate professional. He was dedicated to providing the best solution to his customers and always open/willing to provide guidance to his peers. His attention to detail and broad technological knowledge makes him a great asset to any organization he is involved with.

Author: David Smith

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 12:30 EDT As Principal at ECOM Engineering I have worked with Peter Harrison at Colovore on the Colovore Data Center facility design, IT design, project commissioning and daily operation of the data center for the past 6 years. Peter is a compassionate and thoughtful leader that encourages others to do there best by providing positive guidance and support. Peter is always available to assist others thru complex problem solving and adds a positive collaborative team approach in all endeavors. Peter is generous with his time and offers support of many Non profit organizations in the Caribbean and actively looks for ways to provide support and leadership in Jamaica, the Caribbean and south America. Peter will be a leadership asset to the Arin board and I believe he will be an asset to the other board members who will find that they enjoy both his company and his leadership.

Author: Matt Buckley

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 14:14 EDT Greetings, I worked with Peter Harrison while he and I both worked at Google Inc. Together we worked to deploy, maintain, and support the growing YouTube network and server fleet. Through his efforts we were able to dramatically increase the response time to system failures and improved the overall stability and reliability of the systems. During my time working with him I was impressed by his integrity and candor towards the roles he took on. I believe he would make an excellent choice for the Airn Board of Trustees. Thank you, Matt Buckley

Author: Agyei Masters

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 15:02 EDT Mr Peter Harrison has been a beacon of support to myself and a number of tertiary students in Jamaica. Through the Palisadoes Foundation, Mr Harrison helped to waken and grow the open-source community in Jamaica, pushing a number of students too delve outside of their comfort zone and their school’s curricula. Based on the multiple sacrifices I’ve seen Mr. Harrison taken, without a doubt I strongly recommend him for the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Barbara Usher

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 20:56 EDT I have known Peter for a number of years and know that he will be a tremendous asset as a member of ARIN’s Board of Trustees. Peter is a strategic thinker and has an intellectual curiosity and drive that makes him excel at any endeavor he undertakes. I first met Peter at Google a few years ago where he led several complex, high-profile technical initiatives in the data center and networking domains. I had the opportunity to collaborate with Peter again, when I invited him to be a guest speaker on multiple occasions at a computer course I was co-teaching for Masters and Phd students at Claremont Graduate University. In all my interactions with Peter, he has not only been the ultimate professional, but also always dedicated to mentoring and sharing his expertise with others. He is an excellent communicator and storyteller. His presentations were thoughtfully prepared, engaging, and covered the full spectrum of technical, organizational, economic, and industry perspectives. The students always learned a lot from his presentations. I highly recommend Peter for the ARIN Board knowing that he will have a big impact on the success of ARIN.

Author: Juan Spiniak

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 00:50 EDT I highly recommend Peter Harrison to be elected to the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. I had the privilege to closely work with him as we started the Google Fiber project. Peter led the design and deployment of the IPTV infrastructure and played a pivotal role during the early days as we grew the team. Additionally, Peter’s career is a testament to how hard work and perseverance can take a talented engineer to play increasingly more influential roles. I have no doubt Peter deep hands-on experience of how to design and deploy internet or datacenter infrastructure would provide a valuable industry perspective to ARIN.

Author: Melarka Williams

Submitted: Friday 05 October 2018 18:51 EDT I am Melarka Williams, founder and ceo of Ingenuity Technologies. Peter serves on our advisory board and has been very instrumental in our growth and development. Peter is a good listener and is always there to support us when we are in need of help. Peter possesses all the characteristics of a good leader and is someone who is of high integrity. I support Peter in being elected to the 2018 Board of Trustees. Best regards, Melarka Williams

Author: Michael Richardson

Submitted: Saturday 06 October 2018 14:01 EDT Peter seems well focused on the IPv6 future of the network.

Author: Andre Merten

Submitted: Monday 08 October 2018 16:17 EDT I had the opportunity to work with Peter on the Infoset project under the Palisadoes Foundation about a year ago. Coming from virtually ground zero in terms of technical expertise, Peter took me under his wing and allowed me to work on my first open-sourced project. Out of the sheer goodness of his heart he dedicated and reserved time to mentor me one on one, which in this day in age, I feel is something incredibly special. Peter gave nothing but the best advice, provided resources, tools, and helped create the infrastructure on which I continue to learn and grow to this day. Peter has an unmatched work ethic, and fierce commitment to the smallest, often overlooked details. He helped ignite and fuel my desire to continue pushing myself to the limit each and everyday. His commitment to non-profit organizations as well as his affinity to the Jamaican and Caribbean region is extremely rare. My hat is off to Peter. ARIN will only flourish from Peter’s presence. He has my full support.

Author: Dennis Downer

Submitted: Tuesday 09 October 2018 23:04 EDT I worked with Peter Harrison in the early 1990s at Island Microsystems in Jamaica back in the days when systems started the transition from mainframe to servers and PC terminals. Peter was the technical manager and I was his deputy with responsibility for a group of support engineers installing and supporting a wide range of computer systems. Peter was a hands-on manager who participated in all tasks and would be prepping the latest arrived server for Novell or Unix installation or troubleshooting a computer device to interconnect various network. Peter was also our main support for the mainframe computer that handled the Island tax system. With all that responsibility, Peter would find time to conduct workshops for his team to share his knowledge. I recently came across a certificate received from one of Peter’s workshop on Computer Architecture, dated May 5, 1992, with Peter’s signature – a collector’s item, no doubt. Peter has made significant accomplishments in computing technology and has contributed to improving internet connectivity. Peter has a great mind, he is highly technical with intellectual curiosity for concepts and technology solutions for business and people. Peter has dedicated his career to working in the networking space and he will be a great asset to the ARIN Board of Trustee. I proudly declare my support for Peter Harrison for the ARIN Board of Trustee. Dennis Downer Project Manager Federal Management Systems

Author: Kimone Gooden

Submitted: Thursday 11 October 2018 18:31 EDT I wholeheartedly recommend Peter! Peter and I have worked together on the Jamaica Diaspora Technology Task Force, where he spearheaded the creation of the Calico program that helps Jamaican software engineering students compete in the global marketplace with mentorship, training and support ultimately filling the gap in University learning with hands-on projects and practical experience. The program has grown steadily and he has built a strong foundation that will ensure it’s sustainability for years to come. I am certain Peter will offer his innovative thinking, diligence and work ethic as a member of the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Monique French

Submitted: Thursday 11 October 2018 18:53 EDT I highly recommend Peter Harrison to be elected to the 2018 ARIN Board of Trustees. In addition to his technical capabilities, work experience in various countries and his professionalism, Peter would bring value-added perspectives and increased diversity to ARIN’s Board of Trustees.

Author: Cassandra Campbell
Submitted: Friday 12 October 2018 17:06 EDT It is with honor that I nominate Peter Harrison to the ARIN Board of Trustees. As a first generation Jamaican and a volunteer for the Palisadoes Foundation, I’ve admired Peter’s dedication and investment towards advancing the spaces he occupies. He’s constantly seeking innovative ways to build & grow ideas in spite of the scarcity of resources. He has an enterprising approach with execution of projects and shows the influential leadership necessary to drive change. Cassandra E. Campbell Program Analyst, Facebook

Anna Valsami

Author: Paul Ebersman

Submitted: Wednesday 12 September 2018 05:53 EDT I know Anna from her involvement at RIPE, then NANOG and her work at Telstra. She is very familiar with both IP address space and BGP/routing technolgies and issues. She also has great organizational skills and would be a real asset to ARIN, as well as bringing a well informed and fresh perspective to the board.

Author: Brenda Wolfe

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 17:05 EDT I know Anna from her work at Telstra, and her skills with ASBR, IP addressing, internet peering, and routing technologies and issues, are superior to anyone I’ve known previously in my 25 years in this industry. I have no doubt that she could serve as a board member with complete confidence in her ability. I feel that Anna would be a tremendous asset to any organization.

Author: Susan Forney

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 19:19 EDT Anna has a long history of working in our industry and has experience working with multiple RIRs. She will bring her unique approach and boundless energy to the board. Anna is a tireless worker and has the drive and determination to make a difference for ARIN. Her fresh perspective and positive attitude will compliment the current board members and help ARIN form the strategies it needs to be successful. Her talent for innovative solutions and bringing people together would be put to good use on this board. Anna is approachable and always open to new ideas and diverse viewpoints. These qualities make her a great addition to the board.

Author: Mike Fiore

Submitted: Tuesday 18 September 2018 07:58 EDT Anna and I worked closely together at Telstra and we’ve subsequently kept in touch when I left. Anna very quickly established herself as a trusted and knowledgeable authority on routing, switching and all things to do with the internet and she supported as all (including our hostmaster team) when things got tricky. Anna’s engaging personality and willingness to help and support has meant she has a large network of contacts and she is well appreciated and respected everywhere she goes. Anna would be an outstanding member of the Arin team.

Author: Konstantinos Koutalis

Submitted: Tuesday 18 September 2018 09:22 EDT I know Anna from her years back in Hellas On Line where she worked as a Senior Network Engineer. She happened to be one of my mentors in the field of telecoms, a really passionate technical person. Later on, while I was working for AMS-IX, I had the luck of meeting Anna while she was involved in RIPE & NANOG. There I could see again her passion for the good of the global Internet community! She is one of the persons that, with her knowledge and enthusiasm, would be a great asset in an organisation such as ARIN.

Author: Alfred Au Yeung

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 12:56 EDT I’ve had the pleasure of working with Anna the past 5 years while we assisted our customers in designing the most complex IP and Network backbone globally. Anna’s strength is her ability to absorb the most complex network design and simplify it for her peers. Anna has the ability to sit across the table from the most senior IP engineer and talk shop, she has earned that respect amongst the community.

Author: James Hickman

Submitted: Sunday 23 September 2018 08:14 EDT I have known Anna for many years and was fortunate to work with her during my time at Telstra. I saw first-hand how Anna is committed to an ethically run, open Internet. She clearly has the knowledge and experience to understand and articulate the underlying technical challenges to the Internet today. I remember clearly the look on her face when confronted with a set of RIPE records that needed updating properly. She demonstrated her fastidiousness and knowledge of the rules as well as her “do it the right way” attitude all the time being supportive and ready to train rather than lecture those that needed help. I am proud to have her as a friend and heartily recommend her for this post. She is definitely the right candidate.

Author: Merike Kaeo

Submitted: Saturday 29 September 2018 03:03 EDT I have known Anna for several years from her work in varying RIR communities and know her to be a dedicated and thoughtful contributor who takes into account the needs of the organizations she contributes to. I think her strategic thinking abilities and global perspectives would be a great asset to the board.

Author: Filiz Yilmaz

Submitted: Saturday 29 September 2018 12:19 EDT I’ve gotten to know Anna through her participation at RIPE before she made the move to ARIN-land. She is a multi-talented engineer with a pragmatic approach and a problem solver. She also understands the RIR system well and can combine the engineering world to resource management and surrounding issues. I have known her to be very reliable, sticking to her promises, keen in listening to others well and organizationally very competent over the years. In addition to these skills and qualities, her past experience at RIPE, her being professionally attached to a company that is based in Asia Pacific Region and her current residence now in ARIN will surely also come in handy and will be very valuable at the ARIN Board as we are facing resource management issues across regions these days. We need more bridge makers and Anna is one of them.

Author: tom Nelson

Submitted: Sunday 30 September 2018 15:58 EDT I’ve worked with Anna at Telstra for the past decade. Anna is the resident “fountain of knowledge” within our International Network Engineering team. She’s the subject matter expert for anything IP and global RIR related. She knows the processes and knows how to guide stakeholders to make the right decisions for their IP needs and network configurations. Anna will be an outstanding asset to the ARIN Board of Trustees.

Author: Bernhard Pusch

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 01:37 EDT I believe that Anna’s mix of experience both outside and inside the US, combined with her technical knowledge, will be of value to ARIN.

Author: Martin Hannigan

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 12:59 EDT I’ve known Anna for a long time. She is a great candidate. She is affable, she’ll be easy to work with. She is smart, she can comprehend policy and implications. She has a demeanor which lends itself to being a good part of the organization. I recommend considering Anna for a vote and I support her candidacy.

Author: Jezzibell Gilmore

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 15:47 EDT Anna may not have as much volunteer board experience, but she has heart and passion for the community. Anna is an independent thinker, not easily swayed by peer pressure. She is also tenacious and methodical in all of her endeavors. As a fellow woman in technology, I believe Anna brings vastly different perspectives from other members of the board, of an under-represented group. Anna has my support for an ARIN board position.

Author: Cathy Chen-Rennie

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 17:20 EDT Anna & I have known each other through the Internet community for many years. I tried my best to hire her into my group multiple times. Anna has the right attitude, interest in doing the right thing, and a great sense of responsibility that she will bring to ARIN.

Statements of Support - Advisory Council

Brad Gorman

Author: Ron da Silva

Submitted: Saturday 15 September 2018 10:20 EDT I’ve know Brad for more than 20 years and believe he’ll be a great addition to the AC. I strongly endorse his nomination and invite the ARIN community to select him in the election to serve on the AC.

Kathleen Hunter

Author: Cathy Aronson

Submitted: Wednesday 05 September 2018 11:14 EDT I think Kat will be an excellent addition to the ARIN AC. She has been a very active participant in ARIN policy discussions both on the mailing list and in person for the last 14 years. She is easy to work with. Because she manages a large amount of IP address space she knows first hand the issues with policy and procedures. I highly recommend Kat and I encouraged her to run for the AC.

Author: Ryan Ketner

Submitted: Wednesday 05 September 2018 11:48 EDT I had the pleasure of working with Kathleen for over 10 years at Comcast. She is detail oriented and customer focused. I always knew I could count on her to help in a tough situation. Kat was my go to person for any and all IP allocation and architecture discussions. My highest recomendation for this post!

Author: Brice Cox

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 14:12 EDT I have worked with Kathleen on a fairly large number of projects over the years, often she was the goto for her team. She has always been amazing at learning and advancing her skillset both professionally and personally. The ability to both focus on the minutiae as well as see the big picture when determining what should be done has made her a major asset to any team that she has been part of. I have no reservations recommending her for anything she puts her mind and will too.

Author: Charlie Liu

Submitted: Saturday 15 September 2018 12:18 EDT I have known Kathleen since 2005 when I joined Comcast. Kathleen is knowledgeable in ARIN number resource policy, skilled in both IPv4 and IPv6 allocation in data, voice, and video network. Kathleen is a perfect candidate for ARIN Advisory Council. Her experience and knowledge on cable MSO will enable her to represent effectively and speak for a large number of ARIN constituency. I’d strongly recommend voting for Kathleen.

Author: Alison Wood

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 16:55 EDT Kat is an amazing asset to the ARIN community. She consistently brings great feedback and ideas to the mic! I always look forward to seeing her at the ARIN meetings and hearing her excellent ideas and suggestions. - Alison Wood

Author: Joseph Richardson

Submitted: Monday 24 September 2018 18:33 EDT I first worked with Kat over 10 years ago and our professional jobs have intersected several times over the years. She was always about the right thing, not the easy or the quick answer. Her dedication to her craft (IPv4 and IPv6 management) has not waned, only grown since we first met. As this space evolved (especially in the Cable space), Kat has been at the forefront, and brings that time and experience to the ARIN Advisory Council. I fully endorse her candidacy - Joe Richardson

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 12:33 EDT Kathleen has been involved in our community for many years as a participant and I am very excited that she has agreed to step up and serve in this role. I strongly endorse her for the position.

Author: Louie Lee

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 17:07 EDT Kat would make an excellent addition to the ARIN Advisory Council. She has already shown her fairness in her thoughtful approach with the development of each draft policy she has participated in. I’d like to highlight that she takes the time and effort to listen to people and gather the necessary information to inform her of the best path for the community independent of her affiliation with her employer. I hope that the community members understand the full value that Kat brings to the ARIN AC and support her in her candidacy.

Author: Alyssa Moore

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 21:07 EDT Kat is a long-time, engaged participant in the ARIN community. She’s an operator who lives the realities of ARIN policies each day. I’m keen to have more of her input to the policy development process and pleased to see her running for the AC. I strongly endorse her candidacy.

Author: Elizabeth Culley

Submitted: Thursday 11 October 2018 10:26 EDT Kathleen is a tremendous asset to Comcast. She brings intelligence and strategic thinking to the work she does. She would be a dynamic contributor to any organization, and is a great choice for ARIN.

Amy Potter

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:39 EDT Working with Amy these past few years has been a true pleasure. She is knowledgeable, focused, and dedicated in her efforts on behalf of the community. I hope to be able to continue working with her and encourage the membership to re-elect her to the advisory council.

Author: Alison Wood

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 16:39 EDT I have had the opportunity to work with Amy on the ARIN Advisory Council for the last two years. Amy is a very successful and accomplished member of the council. She consistently brings excellent ideas to the council, she is a wealth of information on current and past policies and offers a unique perspective. Amy is an outstanding member of the ARIN community and I look forward to her continued success!

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 12:35 EDT Amy with her legal background brings a different perspective then the more traditional skill background from the AC. She has always been very impressive in her work on the AC and I am very happy to see she is willing to continue to serve. I endorse her candidacy.

Author: Louie Lee

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 18:00 EDT Amy has been an invaluable member of the ARIN AC. While her legal background and her understanding of the ARIN PDP plus the application of policies are highly valued, her approachability and willingness to listen to the community members may not be apparent to those stakeholders who have not yet had the pleasure of discussing the merits of draft policies with her. In addition, she work in the IPv4 market provides her an insight with information and viewpoints that many others do not have access to. I hope that the community members understand that Amy should continue on the ARIN AC and support her candidacy.

Author: Alyssa Moore

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 21:11 EDT With her legal background, experience in the IPv4 marketplace, and aptitude for the consultative process, Amy brings a unique skill set and perspective to the AC. Re-elect this wonderful representative!

Author: Andrew Dul

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 14:21 EDT Amy’s experience directly working in the transfer market as a broker has been a valuable addition to the ARIN AC. She has been actively engaged on the AC and the public policy development process. I encourage ARIN members to reelect Amy to the Advisory Council.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:36 EDT Amy has been a wonderful addition to the AC. She is incisive, fair-minded, highly ethical and full of enthusiasm. Her contributions are significant. Her experience as an IP address broker and her training as a lawyer also give her unique perspectives that enrich the AC’s policy discussions. I urge you to vote for Amy!

Kerrie-Ann Richards

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:41 EDT Kerrie Ann brings a can-do attitude and a positive spirit to her work on the Advisory council that is positive for all of us. She’s smart, focused, and very capable. I sincerely hope that the community will reward her good work over the past year with re-election to a full term of service.

Author: Elizabeth Terry

Submitted: Monday 17 September 2018 16:50 EDT Often, persons who join Advisory Boards do so more for the prestige than to actually do the necessary work to support the achievement of the Organization’s goals and objectives. On the other hand, you have individuals like Kerrie-Ann Richards who diligently apply themselves and get the job done. I believe Kerrie has ably represented the voice of Jamaica, and with the collaboration of her other Caribbean colleagues, has been able to effectively ensure, over the past year, that the concerns and issues affecting the Caribbean have been heard. I believe she will continue to serve well if given another term of office.

Author: Alison Wood

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 16:46 EDT I have had the pleasure of working with Kerrie on the ARIN AC. She is willing to tackle anything with a smile, patience and very thorough research! I look forward to working with Kerrie in the future!

Author: Gerard Best

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 15:29 EDT I met Kerrie at ARIN 40, not long before she was appointed as an interim member of the Advisory Council. (She filled the remainder of the unexpired term of David Huberman, who resigned from the council effective November 17.) I paid attention to the fact that Kerrie, the director of an education non-profit in Jamaica, described the council’s decision as a big win for the ARIN and the Caribbean. Since then, I have observed that Kerrie has always executed her duties seeking the interest of the entire ARIN community, not just the subset of Caribbean constituents. As she has so successfully completed this one-year term, I believe that the ARIN membership and leadership would do well to have her continue on the Advisory Council for a full two-year term. I have no reservation in endorsing her candidacy.

Author: Rudolph Daniel

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 15:40 EDT I met Kerrie Richards at Arin 40 and supported her efforts to join the Arin AC. I continue to support this candidate who displays a positive attitude and is willing to support the multistakeholder policy development process. I believe that Kerrie is a well deserving candidate for the Arin AC.

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 19:41 EDT Kerrie has brought a long needed view from the Caribbean region to the AC. She has already navigated several policies and support her candidacy.

Author: Suzette Burley

Submitted: Tuesday 02 October 2018 19:57 EDT I met Kerrie through her work as a Board Director for the Manchester of Commerce. She is making a significant impact on the business community in her role as a director. Kerrie is a doer and not talker, with no interest to only hold a title but an aptitude to influence change. She is diligent, hardworking, smart, creative and a great team player. I am confident that as a returning Advisory Council member she will continue to be an active voice, representing the Caribbean in the internet number policy discussions. Suzette Burley Key Accounts Sales Manager, Digicel Jamaica| Arin 42 Fellow| Director of Government Affairs and Legal Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Author: Bartlett Morgan

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 09:09 EDT I was familiar with Kerrie via her work with ICT4D Jamaica. My interactions with her both within and outside of ARIN confirm that she possesses a refined sense of what our unique needs are in the Caribbean region. If selected, I am confident she will do an excellent job of translating this into policy that better reflects the diversity of the entire ARIN region. I fully endorse her candidacy.

Author: Michele Marius

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 10:23 EDT Kerrie Richards has been a longstanding advocate for ICT, and for its development in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean region. In being a member of the Advisory Council, she has been able to represent the needs and interest of the Caribbean member countries of ARIN, which not only tend to different from the more developed countries, but would otherwise not be articulated – so that they can be considered in the wider debate. I am keen for the Caribbean region to continue to be represented on the Advisory Council, and that Kerrie will be allowed to continue as a member of the Advisory Council.

Author: LaRonda Robinson

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 10:37 EDT I am pleased to share my enthusiastic support of Kerrie Richard’s candidacy. Her passionate drive to spread ARIN news to a previously underserved audience is inspiring. Her deep respect for the ARIN policy development process and the governance of number resource distribution is evident in our many conversations about the role of the Caribbean voice in shaping our technological future. She will serve both ARIN and the people of the Caribbean well.

Author: Alyssa Moore

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 21:14 EDT Kerrie Ann has hit the ground running on the ARIN AC in her first year of service. She’s proven to be a capable, resourceful representative and is a joy to be around.

Author: Blaise Arbouet

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 12:41 EDT I met Kerrie for the first time at our ARIN41 Meeting in Miami. As an ARIN fellow, I know how it is important to have more people representing the caribbean region in the AC. So I think she deserves the possibility to continue to do the job and I support her candidacy.

Author: Andrew Dul

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 14:25 EDT Kerrie has been great addition to the AC serving a one year term in 2018. Her experience, connections, and insight as a representative of the Caribbean community has been a great addition to the ARIN AC. I encourage ARIN members to reelect Kerrie to the Advisory Council.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:43 EDT Kerri has been a very good addition to the AC. I hope to have the opportunity to keep working with her. Please vote for Kerri!

Robert Seastrom

Author: Cathy Aronson

Submitted: Wednesday 05 September 2018 11:17 EDT Rob has been on the AC for many years now. I served with him as a member of the AC. Rob works hard for the community and has a lot of institutional knowledge from his long time serving on the AC. I recommend Rob and encourage the community to vote for him.

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:42 EDT If you somehow don’t know RS and his record of service to the ARIN community, then I’m not sure what I could say to educate you. I think his many years on the AC and his strong track record as a community leader speak volumes more than I could possibly place here. Please re-elect RS to the AC for another 3 year term.

Author: Alison Wood

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 16:44 EDT Rob never ceases to amaze me with his technological ideas and suggestions! His ability to put forth a solution is amazing - Rob has a special talent to listen to an issue and come up with a unique solution. His service to the ARIN community is limitless. I encourage your vote for Rob. Thanks!

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 12:32 EDT Rob is a man of many skills and brings a wide background and experience to the Advisory Council. He has always made himself available to me for counsel which is always appreciated. The community is well served by his interventions on the Advisory Council.

Author: Alyssa Moore

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 12:15 EDT Rob is an excellent AC member and a consistent contributor. A thoughtful, analytical guy. Re-elect RS!

Author: Andrew Dul

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 14:19 EDT Rob is an active member of the AC and continues to be an active engaged member of the AC. His long-serving experience and active engagement on the AC is valuable to the ARIN community I encourage ARIN members to reelect RS to the ARIN AC for an additional term.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:41 EDT RS is an extremely knowledgeable and incisive AC member. His institutional memory of ARIN is extremely valuable to the AC’s policy discussions. RS takes a very collegial approach to his work on the AC. Please vote for RS!

Alicia Trotman

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:43 EDT Alicia Trotman has been an excellent contributor to the AC since she joined us. I hope to have the opportunity to continue working with her and as such ask the members to please re-elect her to a full term.

Author: Alison Wood

Submitted: Thursday 20 September 2018 16:52 EDT Alicia has been a wonderful member of the ARIN AC. She has been quite creative with researching policies and working with the community to gather information. She brings a special combination of organization and information to the council. I encourage your vote for Alicia!

Author: Donovan Smith

Submitted: Tuesday 25 September 2018 13:08 EDT Alicia has continued to embrace all facets of the technical and internet world. Her enthusiasm, professional nature has continued serve her well in achieving her goals. She continues to be very methodical and organised as it relates to all of her set objectives. She is the ideal person for the ARIN Advisory council.

Author: Ashell Forde

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 14:58 EDT I have worked with Alicia for more than 5 years. She is knowledgeable, capable and possesses the passion for telecommunications that is required to excel in this role. She has done a fantastic job promoting ARIN’s work in the region over the last year and I have every confidence that she will continue to do so in the coming term.

Author: Gerard Best

Submitted: Thursday 27 September 2018 15:18 EDT I was first introduced to Alicia Trotman in late 2017, on the heels of the ARIN elections, after Advisory Council members voted to appoint her for a one-year term, starting January 1, 2018. (She was to fill the seat made vacant by Dan Alexander after he was elected to the board.) I distinctly recall that Trotman, then a senior administrator at Barbados’ national telecommunications regulator, described the decision of the council as “a big step forward for Caribbean representation” at the regional Internet registry. Since then, I have observed that Alicia has been mindful to conduct her duties weighing the priorities of the entire ARIN community, not just the subset of Caribbean constituents. I believe that the ARIN membership and leadership would do well to have her continue on the Advisory Council. I have no reservation in endorsing her candidacy.

Author: Melony James

Submitted: Friday 28 September 2018 22:35 EDT I have known Alicia Trotman for over 5 years. In my capacity as a Labour Management Advisor she has assisted with the development of ICT in Barbados especially her anti cyber bullying campaign. Her passion for ICT led her to assist with the Girls in ICT PROJECT which not only help those young ladies pursue the dreams but gave them valuable soft skills for the future. Her management abilities are also admirable as she has planned and executed many conferences for Barbados’ Telecommunications Unit. She has the ability to explain clearly technical terms to a non technical person such as myself which assisted me with better ICT choices for the company I worked for.

Author: Melony James

Submitted: Friday 28 September 2018 22:51 EDT I have known Ms. Trot an for over 5 years and have witness her dedication to the growth of ICT in Barbados. Her passion for the area lead her to lead projects such as Girls in ICT. This project equipped young females with technical and soft skills to assist with their career path. She has also been a strong advocate for anti cyber bullying in Barbados. Her advocacy saw the launch of research and meaningful discussion on the legislative framework necessary to protect against it. As a Labour Management Advisor I relied on Ms. Trotman’s advice to assist with decision towards better ICT choices for the company I worked with. Her zeal for the field was also witnessed in the many conferences she planned and executed for the Telecommunications Unit of Barbados. She has the ability to clearly explain very technical terms to those of us who are not versed in tech jargon. I wholeheartedly support her candidacy as it is a vote for true development in the field.

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 19:42 EDT Alicia has brought a well needed voice to the AC from the Caribbean. I support her candidacy.

Author: Bartlett Morgan

Submitted: Wednesday 03 October 2018 08:59 EDT I am very familiar with Alicia’s on-the-ground contributions in Barbados and the wider Caribbean via both ISOC Barbados and the No! to Online Abuse and Harassment (NOAH) not-for-profit. She is a doer. Importantly too, she brings a truly Caribbean perspective. I fully endorse her candidacy.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:44 EDT Alicia has been a very good addition to the AC. I hope to have the opportunity to keep working with her. Please vote for Alicia!

Author: Vaughn Hazell

Submitted: Friday 05 October 2018 14:38 EDT Alicia has shown great commitment to the development of the ICT sector in the Caribbean. Throughout her first term she has continued to evangelize the importance of Caribbean participation in the internet governance arena. Myself and the Caribbean community are very proud of her and i would urge you you to give her your vote

Statements of Support - NRO Number Council

Michael Arbrouet

Author: Blaise Arbouet

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 13:37 EDT Mike is new to the ARIN process. But can definitely be a new voice for the international ARIN community and the Caribbean in particular. He can fully participate in the global policy development process according to the work we completed together for the past years.

Louie Lee

Author: Kathleen Hunter

Submitted: Thursday 06 September 2018 18:16 EDT I’ve discussed a variety of things with Louie while attending ARIN meetings. He’s extremely approachable and knowledgeable about all facets of networking and number resource policy. Louie brings a unique set of experience that will continue to benefit the NRO. I strongly support Louie.

Author: Ben Segura

Submitted: Sunday 09 September 2018 12:14 EDT I know Louie from Google where he did a great job securing the resources we needed to be an effective ISP. Louie was “tough but fair” when it came to getting new assignments. He has my endorsement as he would continue to do a great job with fairness.

Author: Owen DeLong

Submitted: Tuesday 11 September 2018 00:44 EDT Louie has been doing this job very well for years. Since he’s willing to continue, let’s go with that… Please re-elect Louie’s hat (and Loui too) to the NRO NC.

Author: Paul Andersen

Submitted: Monday 01 October 2018 12:30 EDT Louie has been a dedicated member of the community and has for many years been a strong representative for the ARIN community. He has my support for another term.

Author: Cathy Chen-Rennie

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 17:25 EDT Louie and I have worked together over a variety of roles and as a Nanog community member. I appreciate his ongoing work in this industry. He is trustworthy, authentic and a great representative for us to rely upon.

Author: Christian Tacit

Submitted: Thursday 04 October 2018 20:51 EDT Louie’s contributions to the NRO NC and ASO AC are extremely valuable to ARIN. He is very collegial in his approach to his contributions in the community. I urge you to vote for Louie!


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