ARIN-prop-305: Editorial Clean-up of NRPM Section 2

Date: 18 November 2021

Proposal Originator: Chris Tacit, Joe Provo, Matthew Wilder and Rob Seastrom

Problem Statement:

This proposal continues the work of that the ARIN AC NRPM Clean-up Working Group undertook to conduct an editorial review of the NRPM. It relates specifically to Section 2. The focus of the review was to clarify and simplify language, employ consistent and more up to date terminology throughout, and renumber subsections after removing subsection numbers that were no longer being utilized. We are also proposing that the NRPM Table of Contents be updated to reflect the editorial changes to the NRPM contents contained in this proposal. No subsection was touched that is presently the subject of another proposal currently before the AC. Other changes to Section 2 that are not purely editorial or may interact with other proposals that are presently pending will be addressed in subsequent proposals.

Policy statement:

The changes proposed to be made in this editorial proposal are too numerous to list individually. Accordingly, a document is provided at that shows the changes being proposed as mark-up text relative to the current version of the NRPM.

Timetable for implementation: Immediate

Anything Else: This proposal is intended to be editorial in nature. When reviewing Section 2, we were aware of input received suggesting that we name cloud providers specifically in certain definitions. Upon reflection, we concluded that cloud providers constitute one of a number of possible categories of LIRs/ISPs, and so referencing cloud providers specifically could create an interpretation problem by implicitly excluding other types of LIRs/ISPs that would not be specifically named. For that reason, we did not add references to cloud service providers in the editorial changes made.