ARIN-prop-288: Clarify and Update Requirements for Allocations to Downstream Customers

Date: 19 May 2020

Proposal Originator: Chris Woodfield

Problem Statement:

A recent Policy Experience Report demonstrated the fact that the existing Section references RFC2050, which is obsolete, and is not synchronized with utilization requirements carried in Section 4.3.3, specifically the utilization rate.

Policy Statement:

Given that RFC7020, which supercedes RFC2050, no longer carries specific utilization requirements for downstream customers of ISPs, its reference may be removed from Section, instead referencing 4.3.3 (currently, 50% utilization within 24 months) to harmonize the utilization requirements of both ISPs and their downstream customers.

Removing these references from Section will simplify the language of that section.

Replace sections and sections with the following text: Utilization

A downstream customer requesting address space from an upstream ISP must document a plan to the allocating ISP for their utilization to conform to Section 4.3.3. Reassignment and reallocation information for prior allocations must show that each customer meets the 80% utilization criteria and must be available via SWIP / a distributed service which meets the standards set forth in section 3.2 prior to your issuing them additional space. Reassignments to Multihomed Downstream Customers

If a downstream customer has a requirement to multihome, that requirement alone will serve as justification for a /24 allocation. Downstream customers must provide contact information for all of their upstream providers to the ISP from whom they are requesting a /24, and utilize BGP as the routing protocol between the customer and the ISP. Customers may receive a /24 from only one of their upstream providers under this policy without providing additional justification. ISPs may demonstrate they have made an assignment to a downstream customer under this policy by supplying ARIN with the information they collected from the customer, as described above, or by identifying the AS number of the customer.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate