ARIN-prop-283: Clarify Holdings Restriction for Section 4.1.8 Wait List Entries

Proposal Originator: Chris Woodfield

Problem Statement:

A recent Policy Experience report pointed to ambiguity among waitlist applicants as to whether the /20 limit on existing space restriction applies to organizations holding a single /20 block, or an aggregate /20’s worth of IPv4 space. Additional language added to the policy statement aims to remove this ambiguity, clarifying that an organization must hold a /20 or less in aggregate.

Policy Statement:

Update NRPM Section 4.1.8 as follows:

Original Text: “Only organizations holding a /20 or less of IPv4 address space may apply and be approved.“

Updated Text: “Organizations which hold more than a /20 equivalent of IPv4 space in aggregate are not eligible to apply.”

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate