ARIN-prop-273: ARIN Membership Legal Jurisdiction Exclusion

Proposal Originator: Jason Schiller

Problem Statement:

Legal entities incorporated outside the ARIN service region that have a strong nexsis to the ARIN as described in section 9 should be permitted to hold direct allocations and assignments from ARIN.

Example: Imagine a US based global company that has many international subsidiaries. The company does real business both in the US, Canada, and Caribbean as well as in Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The corporate headquarters, majority of offices and employees are in the US. Most C-level execs live and work in the US. The majority of customer base, network infrastructure, and revenue generation is within the ARIN service region.

The company decides to offer their services as part of a global service offering in a particular non-ARIN region country. Legal restrictions require an in-country legal entity to hold ownership of the service providing network including the registration of Autonomous system number used for peering.

The global IP address management team desires to maintain their ARIN relationship, and prefers to request ARIN to create an OrgID for the (non-ARIN service region) in-country legal entity, have ARIN assign an ASN, and re-allocate IPs from the US entity that offers the service both inside and outside of the ARIN service region.

Policy Statement:

Add the following to section 9

Legal entities can demonstrate a substantial connection to the ARIN service region without necessarily being incorporated within the ARIN service region.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate