ARIN-prop-270: Inter-RIR M&A

Proposal Originator: Jason Schiller

Problem Statement:

Merger, acquisition, or reorganization activity sometimes results in a restructuring where company resources, the management of number resources, or the use of number resources are concentrated outside the ARIN service region. In this case it may be desirable for the current legal entity or a legal entity that is a parent, child or sister to move the servicing of the number resources to a different RIR.


Imagine a case where a global company has decided to discontinue service in the ARIN service region (shuttering ARIN region offices laying off ARIN region employees, and canceling ARIN region customers) and repurpose the network resources and number resources in the rest of its global footprint.

Imagine a case where a global company has decided to divest its service in the ARIN region (selling all ARIN region offices, all ARIN region network assets, all ARIN service region customers, all number resources used in the ARIN (associated with previous noted sale of network and customers), but retaining ARIN issued resources in use outside of the ARIN service region.

Policy Statement:

Add to section 8.2:

When merger, acquisition, or reorganization activity results in surviving legal entity that is incorporated outside the ARIN service region, or focused outside the ARIN service region, or is merging with an organization that already has a relationship with another RIR, then resources may be moved to another RIR in accordance with the receiving RIR’s policies.

Timetable for Implementation: Immediate