ARIN-prop-252: Clarification to ISP Initial Allocation and Permit Renumbering

Proposal Originator: Jason Schiller

Problem Statement:

The criteria to qualify for an initial block of address space in 4.2.2 and 8.5.4 are at odds with each other.

Moreover, as the NRPM (2018-1) currently sits, 4.2.2 appears to state that an initial allocation of up to a /21 could be granted without any more justification than needed to qualify for a /24.

Policy Statement:

Replace the current Section 4.2.2 with:

4.2.2. Initial allocation to ISPs

All ISP organizations without direct assignments or allocations from ARIN qualify for an initial allocation of up to a /21, subject to ARIN’s minimum allocation size.

All ISP organizations without direct allocations, direct assignments, re-allocations or reassignments automatically qualify for a /24. These organizations are exempt from requirements of showing efficient utilization of previously held IPv4 space. These organizations may qualify for a larger than a /24 by documenting how the requested allocation will be utilized within the request size specified in

ISPs holding re-allocations and/or reassignments must show efficient utilization of their resources consistent with the requirements in sections 4.2.3 and 4.2.4


Timetable for Implementation: Immeddiate

Anything Else:

This is an attmept to clarify the changes that came about from 2016-4.

It also aligns section 4.2 with current transfer policy.

It also also re-established the undertsanding that ISP can renumber and retrun, but putting the last section into the ISP additional requests section. This text is slightly modified to include returns to ARIN in addition to returns to the upstream.